COTFS - Scion

8/25 - Scion: Never tell me the odds!

The sun was setting, and our heroes were shaken from their little denouements by a new order from their respective pantheons: go check out the Stratosphere chapel. So, the band of Scions arrived at the base of the tower and rode the elevator up for a good minute before they were able to exit into the lobby of what was currently a chapel. Guo Yu took Sasaki Ami by the arm and approached one of the receptionist, creating a distraction by feigning a want of an impromptu wedding, listing off a slew of unreasonable catering requests. Hakon, seeing an opportunity, snuck off into the shadows, popping out into wine storage some moments later - he spotted a vat of what didn’t look quite like blood and approached it. Obviously, this could be of interest to the band, so Hakon apprehensively tasted a sample and preserved another. Alex soon received a text message bearing the words “we’ve got snake blood back here,” and accordingly pulled Yu and Ami away so they can reconvene and investigate this casino at a different time, during its non-operational hours.

During the ungodly hours of early morning, before the sun had risen, our heroes re-entered the Stratosphere and found themselves once again, in the lobby of the chapel. Ami set out to distract the guard on duty at the time, but the man took one look at Yu and recognized him after his mind finished arguing with his eyes. Believing that Yu was indeed the same fellow who kicked his friend into a car and terrified him into running away, the guard split the scene and quickly descended down with the elevator. This left Hakon free to pick the lock of the double chapel doors; one push and he revealed several dozen cultists with what they assumed to be the leader engaged in some sort of ritual sacrifice involving a slightly overweight and balding man. Guo Yu barked “hands in the air!”, hoping to have interrupted the ritual in time for saving the sacrifice’s life. The ritual-performer froze mid chant, looked towards the Scion’s direction, and fled the scene with a bucket of blood. The Scions attempted to pursue, but were blocked off by a sea of cultists, brandishing swords, tridents and shields. Quickly, our heroes went to work with Alex stabbing, Ami slashing, Huginn clawing, Hakon shooting, and Yu swinging a pew as a bat. The floor eventually gave way to the stress of Guan Yu’s Scion swinging his pew every which way, and Guo Yu’s momentum was broken by a brief need to flip back up onto solid ground. Eventually, the fight ended with Yu throwing a pew at a group of cultists who managed to evade death behind their brothers, sending them crashing out the Stratosphere’s windows and falling to the Vegas streets. Unfortunately, police sirens were sounding in the distance, and the man on the altar was pretty dead. So, with haste, the Scions pursued the head cultist to a thrill ride platform; perhaps he knew he had nowhere to run, and spent his last moments yelling frantically in pidgin Greek holding a sloshing pail of blood before a giant half-roller coaster half snake Titanspawn burst into the scene, gobbled him up, and attacked the Scions.



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