COTFS - Scion

8/28 - Scion: The Stars Above Say "Move Back 5 Spaces"

Well, the Canopus went down fairly quickly, Guo Yu thought, standing over its corpse while Alex attempted to memorize the scripts under its scales as fast as he could. Maybe it was just him, but the snake looked a lot more like a crashed train of coaster carts right now. Just a few moments ago, the Scions, newly-ascended Demigods, peppered the snake with bullets of many different calibers while juggling the tasks of dodging its crushing coils and staying upright on the tracks. Regardless, the deed was done and the Scions, sans Alex and the detectives, went back to the Wynn to report their findings. Alex and the Golden Boys, on the other hand, went back to Yu’s suite to properly translate the literature; he gathered during his text-skimming that the scripts were in some way related to the Black Feather Shroud. All relatively good things must end however, and as the gods at the Wynn praised their children for their good work, Yu’s cell phone began to vibrate ominously. The Scion took the call and heard Alex’s voice, which began to explain that the Shroud had more to it than previously believed, before, in the background, a door was kicked down and gunfire erupted. Yu shouted to his comrades that there was trouble afoot back at the suite, and the band quickly clambered into Tucker’s red Ferrari.

Yu gingerly stepped through the doorway - there was no door left, but its splinters were strewn everywhere - and laid his eyes on the results of the carnage. In the middle of the suite sat the safe, empty, which had previously held the Black Feather Shroud. Under one of the couches was Alex, seemingly alive; Yu walked on over and tossed it side, letting the boy get up, while the rest of his comrades searched the suites for his detectives. Luckily, nobody died, but everyone was pretty banged up: Tucker was pinned to his bedroom wall by a katana through the shoulder, and the other Golden Boys were unconscious and badly bruised, with ample amounts of spent bullet casings and thug corpses laying around them. Yu quietly commended them for their effort, while Ami tended to Tucker, when Alex reminded them that the Shroud had been stolen. The Scions had to work quick if they wanted to track a fresh trail, so Archimedes and Hiro took it upon themselves to carry out some reconnaissance.

Eventually, the animals tailed the thieves to the roof of the Excalibur hotel; Yu noted the comically cartoonish red and blue tipped castle towers to the side, which didn’t help the fact that they were having a showdown on a faux medieval castle. Of course, it wasn’t ha-ha funny, since the four Scions were facing off against a slew of Yakuza thugs, Spartoi and zombies, in addition to the four Scions behind them - they were Brynja Sigurdson, Kane Taoka, Victor Fingers(the names of the first three were acquired after a bit of pre-fight banter), and Johnny Lee. Kane brandished the Black Feather Shroud and laid it on his shoulders as the Scions watched helplessly, unable to interfere due to the sea of belligerents standing before them. After no more than a couple seconds, Yu and Hakon heard a piercing scream shattering the sunny skies and Ami dropped to her knees, color draining from her face. As Kane Taoka glowed as bright as any star, clouds and darkness began to eat away the clear blue sky, replacing the sunshine with torrents of rain and lightning clawing the skies. Thinking quickly, Yu drew his revolver in one swift motion and emptied his chambers in Kane’s direction. Unfortunately, the bullets merely bounced off the Scion’s ichor-reinforced skin and clattered to the floor; no mere bullets could stop Taoka now, for he was now a god. Kane glared and threw out his hands, aiming to punish the detective for his insolence: Yu quickly rolled away as he felt the temperature of the air around him spike - solar fires exploded where he had stood a moment earlier. With this exchange, the quiet of Kane Taoka’s ritual to godhood ended and a brawl erupted. Victor Fingers and his Spartoi engaged Alexander in battle with an anachronistic combination of old Roman gear and modern firearms, Sasaki Ami fought Taoka’s Shadow Shinobi and Yakuza gangsters after getting over her bout of nausea, Hakon and his raven Huginn attacked Brynja and her horde of zombies, and Guo Yu dueled Johnny Lee, each applying their expertise in close-quarters combat.

Yu swung a hook into Johnny’s face, before following up with a roundhouse kick to the chest, sending him flying back; before Johnny could react, Yu moved as fast as thought, delivering a flying kick that nearly sent Son Wukong’s Scion straight off the roof. However, Lee caught himself after going over the edge, flipped back onto his feet, and extended his Ruyi Jingu Bang straight into Yu’s forehead. The now-extremely-long bo staff sailed down towards Yu’s prone self, who quickly jumped to his feet and parried with his jian, liberating the tip of the rod. Johnny Lee shrunk his staff in frustration and snapped into fighting stance; Yu obliged, sheathing is jian, and sprinted, aiming to beat the shit out of his rival. Blurred limbs moving more than mortally possible struck back and forth between the two, momentum seemingly lifting them into the air - eventually, the exchange of fists and feet ended with a collision of their fists, creating a shock wave that sent rain, dust, and pieces of concrete flying from the nexus of the force. However, before the two could continue, a bolt of lightning struck the ground between them, causing them to jump back in surprise; still new to his godhood, Kane Taoka, now hovering in the sky, threw another bolt, this time with literally deadly accuracy. Calling on the blessings of the Celestial Bureaucracy, Guo Yu braced himself and spin-kicked, parrying the lightning with a mere foot and redirected the energy into Lee, who convulsed as electricity coursed through and singed his body.

With Johnny now out of the picture, Yu went after the Ruyi Jingu Bang fragment, momentarily stopping to skewer three Shadow Shinobi on his arm; with a singular goal in his mind, namely freeing the Shroud from Kane’s shoulders, Yu took a hold of the fragment, extended its length, and pole vaulted into the air, making a hurried grab at Kane’s source of power. Of course, though, Taoka simply seized Yu from mid-air and slugged him in the stomach before dropping him back to the ground. Interpreting Guo Yu’s attack as a challenge, the new god summoned a Shadow Dragon to devour Yu - as the creature prepared to engulf Guo in its pitch-black maw, Yu’s lion materialized from thin air and pounced on the serpent, tearing at its throat with stone fangs. Yu quickly leap-frogged over the shi-shi and locked the dragon’s neck in a soul-rending vice, crushing the life out of the demon before finishing it off by repeatedly slamming its head into the roof; with the dragon down for the count, the detective moved on and redirected his attention to Taoka. However, the fight between Alexander, Victor Fingers, and his Spartoi had moved in front of Kane, blocking his access. The gun battle had devolved into a straight knife duel after both parties expended their ammunition; with a not so valiant sucker punch, Yu struck Victor in the neck, leaving Alex an opening - the boy took Victor’s own M-16 and crushed his face with the butt of the rifle. Back to back, the two Scions fended off the rest of the Spartoi, until none was left to stand between the two and Kane Taoka. Deciding that godhood allowed him the opportunity to toy with Yu like a movie villain, Kane descended down to the ground and drew his katana, baiting Yu into attacking him. As Yu stepped forward, he heard Alex protest “what the fuck” as Hakon had just threw one of his poison darts at him. Having been put under a spell by his niece, Brynja, Hakon had been swayed into fighting his own band; Yu, seeking to knock him out of his enchantment, socked the assassin in the face before moving onto Taoka. Guo Yu then grabbed Alex by his collar and hoisted him up, shouting “get the shroud!”; before his companion could object, Yu threw the armor-clad warrior at Kane. Unfortunately, the god simply moved up the z-axis and Alex missed, flying off the roof into one of the towers. Groaning, Yu approached Taoka and the two engaged in a sword fight, perhaps equally matched in skill, but Yu had the advantage of a divinely-crafted weapon. Sensing that Taoka’s mundane katana was weakening, Yu disarmed the god by snapping the katana with a well-placed kick, and readied another attack before horns in the distance sounded and out of four ethereal portals came four ships made of toenails and holding countless numbers of Norse undead. They poured out of their ships and flowed over the three remaining and standing on the roof - Kane, Ami and Yu - like a sea of dead flesh, attempting to consume anything divine. Luckily for our heroes, Kane took the brunt of the zombie deluge, having been emitting energies fit for a god; the undead eventually freed the Shroud from Kane’s possession, and the god doubled over, vomiting golden ichor. As the dead sea-men descended on the mess, consuming it, Yu freed himself of the undead dogpile long enough to deliver one more punch, breaking Kane’s nose, before he was beaten back once again by the zombies. Eventually, the swarms of undead fell from Yu and Ami, allowing them to escape from the roof of the hotel.

The Scions reconvened at the Wynn, reporting their mission. The Shroud was gone - Yu suspected Loki had acquired it - which meant the Scions had failed. However, Kane’s plans were foiled, and he had earned himself a place on the Amatsukami’s hit list, so the situation wasn’t a total loss. With all things said and done, the gods made it clear that their mission, for the time being, was now over. Days later, the Scions said their goodbyes to each other: Yu and his Golden Boys went back to Shanghai, having spent all of their vacation days in Vegas, Alex flew to New York, Hakon flew back to Finland, and Ami flew back to Japan.



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