COTFS - Scion

Chapel in The Clouds

Our heroes return to the Wynn and are immediately told by the gods there to check out the chapel. They pull up front and quickly decide on what to do. Guo suggests that Sasaki should marry him as a cover for them to get inside. Hakon, meanwhile, sneaks off and gets into the back. Huginn stays behind to be the sort of awkward standing person there (being in human form). Huginn spots something amongst the wines, a container that held some sort of red liquid, and he couldn’t tell what it was. He very carefully took a sip and found that it had that almost disgusting taste. He takes a sample and sends a text message to the others, saying that he found blood there in a container, and so Alexander shows this to Guo. Guo raises his eyebrow and the other guy does so in return. He wants to know if there are any problems. All the Scions decide to pull out and come back at a later date between the times of 2am to 4am.

They arrive back there and use the elevator. They reach the floor that the chapel was on to reveal that it was closed for a private service. There was a security guard standing there. Ami distracted him and Hakon sneaks by. He gets up to the door and picks the lock, catching that lock before it hits the ground. Yu and the guard apparently knew each other. The guard runs off and the heroes enter the room with lots of pews. There’s a guy there doing some sort of human sacrifice. Yu, foolishly shouts, “Hands in the air.” Hakon shakes his head a little in embarassment at this cliche thing that Yu did. The cultist guy runs and suddenly the room fills with cultists. There are a total of thirty of them against four demigods and a draconic raven that immediately went nemean. The cultists were screwed. Of course, they were even more screwed when Yu started swinging pews at them. The floor collapses underneath the weight of Yu and the pew, but Yu doesn’t fall because of the pew gets caught in the hole. He was lucky. The cultists were all dispatched. Huginn eats most of the eyeballs of the guys that were still there and then leaves to follow his charge. They arrive only to see the cultist guy doing his preparations and then having that guy get swallowed by a giant snake creature on the tracks of the roller coaster. This was going to be a fun fight against a creature that moved quickly and kept on moving.



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