COTFS - Scion

Face Off of the Bands!

It was where we last left our heroes. Canopus, a giant roller-coaster snake, came bursting out before anyone could sense it coming. The police were definitely coming and so they had to get out of there quickly. It tried to clinch the Scion, Guo but failed. Guo attacked it with his revolver dealing damage to it. Hakon attacks it next with his glock, forgetting entirely that he had his Winchester with him, and effectively hurts it a litlte. The other members of the band go and hurt it as well. It was defeated by Ami. The heroes had the floor collapse from under them and they luckily pulled themselves up from that. They would have died if they had fallen that far except for maybe the sturdiest of the group (aka Guo). Alexander reads the paragraphs written in greek and then goes off with Yu’s detectives to decipher the text. He would then be going straight to the black feather shroud. The others went to the Wynn. Loki got bits and pieces of the information from Hakon who was told so by the raven (the raven speaking Finnish).

It was when they relayed what happened that one of the Scion’s cellphones rings (Guo’s). Alexander sounds like he found something and then there was sounds of something going on and the phone call ended prematurely before Alexander could say anymore. The rest of the heroes rush on over to find the place wrecked and the shroud gone. Guo got the couch off of him and checked with his detectives. There was some girl that did the frosty stuff to one of them. The others had various injuries and wouldn’t be able to help. Alexander gets up and tells them that he can tail them. It was with the use of Archimedes and Ami’s wolf that they found them on top of Excalibur, the hotel, that Hakon ironically was staying at. The heroes wasted a bunch of time chitchatting and Kane Taoka assumes godhood. Ami falls down and feels weak. She wouldn’t be able to use her birthrights. A feminine scream was heard coming from somewhere. The shroud stole the power of the divine parent and gave it to the scion who wielded the cloak.

Huginn attacks the followers of the enemy band with his shadow breath and Hakon starts engaging in a fight against Brynja which didn’t go so well. Guo was involved in a fight against his counterpart while Alexander was with his. Guo, being involved in an dramatic kung-fu fight with the other guy, couldn’t help the others. He rebounded the lightning into his counterpart with a spinkick. Ami tried to fight against the now-ascended god guy. Hakon had his knife thrown over there just so that she could have a weapon, not knowing that she could still use them and so was left with the dagger. The dagger was stuck in Brynja’s staff. He got the clue about who she was and started saying things about that he wouldn’t fight against her. She made some remark about how she had the zombies to fight for her. Huginn was struck by lightning and fell out of view. A chunk of the roof was blown off. A shadow dragon was spawned. and a bunch of stuff happened.

Hakon barely avoided being hurt several times and was nearly at Brynja for the second time when she used her charismatic charm to stop him from attacking her. He started attacking his fellow bandmates, particularly Alex. Guo punched him, sending Hakon onto his back with comical stars circling around his head. Hakon muttered something and got back up eventually. Brynja said that she should sit down since he wasn’t doing too well.

It was after much time that ships broke through the dimensions and crashed down onto the roof. Out of these ships came the deathless sailors, draugr popped out. Brynja was surprised but wasn’t harmed by them. Hakon took this as a sign to leave and did so promptly leaving the rest to their fate. He did shout maybe one or two things like how they should stay alive but not in that fashion. Huginn had left much earlier and was back with Loki already before Hakon could arrive there.

Hakon related what was happening there and Loki had his enigmatic face on and told Hakon that he didn’t know that the daughter of his daughter would be there. The rest report in and there were words said and some things given. The task was completed but in utter failure for the band. It was apparently interesting to him. It was when they were back at a meeting spot saying their goodbyes to each other, that Leo appeared with a briefcase. Leo opened up the briefcase and gave Hakon a manilla envelop which Hakon takes without question. He doesn’t open it in front of the others.

“See ya around, baggage” he remarks plainly though if anyone could see him clearly, that there was something at the corner of his eye, though before anyone could tell what it was, he was already walking away. “I might tell ya, what’s in it later but that’s iffy.”

He gets on the plane. He opens the envelop on the plane and pulls out a card and a feather. The card has these words on it:

“I’ll keep in touch.”

He would be on his way home to Finland of which his plans were first to visit Sonja, his teacher and adopted mother, and then go to the Netherlands. He hoped that he wouldn’t see the others for a long time. He reminded himself that he was a loner and didn’t work well with groups.

It was when he walked out of the airplane and being told that his motorcycle was being shipped over after him, that he would have to wait a few days to have it again. This didn’t bother him. He left the airport, not noticing the glitter of black eyes in the shadows behind him. He stuffs the card and feather into his pocket and keeps the manilla envelop close to him.

“Mother first and then mythology searching time. No killing. I need a break!” Hakon said with a shrug.



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