COTFS - Scion

Four People Walk Into A Diner. A Scion Band Forms!

Note: I’m just catching up with some adventure logs that I planned to write my views on.
Note: I was looking at the whole “Pronouncing guide” and I realized that I was pronouncing it incorrectly. Hau-Konn is the pronunciation for the name. The last name is much easier to pronounce.
The Party had not yet met but they would within the days. I was a part of that party. The name’s Hákon Erickson, a famous assassin, in my home country of Finland (the land of the midnight sun). I learned that my name meant exalted son or highborn. I still had to live up to that name’s meaning. I didn’t know why I was even named that. Certain names can place high expectations on a person’s shoulder. I was no different but the name did fit me after all. It’s a cold but welcome place to me.
Currently, I was on America’s west coast after traveling in style. I have the money to pay for it. My adopted mother saw me off before I went. The reason for me being in America was because of Loki wanted me to come to this place called Las Vegas. I really hadn’t been up on the know-how on the United States and so this would be a new experience. I had been to England quite a few times on my assassination attempts and so I was taught the proper English. It was with these thoughts that I drove down the road, heading straight for Las Vegas. I had checked up on the roads in the United States to find that driving down or up the road was a bit different than it was in Europe. I soon found myself in the city limits and would soon arrive at the place that I was supposed to meet at with some others. Loki didn’t tell who I was meeting with or why. He just expected me to obey, like an obedient lap-dog, and well I would do that for now.
I arrived at my destination and parked my motorcycle in the parking lot in front the Greasy Spoon, a diner in Las Vegas. Huginn was perched on the very back of my Motorcycle. I walked in to the diner and looked around. I spotted an Asian lady sitting at the corner furthest from the entrance. I walked on over and sat down across from her. I introduced myself, “I’m Hakon Erickon.” She introduced herself with what I understood was a bunch of gibberish. I didn’t know what language she was speaking. She was also a scion.
I found out from her that she was Sasaki Ami. I ordered something along the lines of hot cocoa. The next fellow arrived, a man with a duffle-bag, and came to the table. He was Alexander Cross. He sat on the other side of me and put his duffle-bag on the table. I could see something there. He didn’t trust me. The last of our group wasn’t very far behind us. A tall Asian man, another scion, walked in. He sat down away from me as well. He was Guo Yu. I found the name a bit ironic. I kept my face straight after we had all introduced ourselves. It was after that we were all gathered that a man by the name of Leo walked up. He was old, and was losing his hair as I could tell. He seemed like some sort of desperate man with the way that his attire suggested. I could see that he was overweight and his eyes were bloodshot. The party and I were each given a lapel pin that held a holy symbol for our pantheons. The others and I asked a few questions and Leo answered them.
We were all supposed to go to the Wynn and be the security. We were also supposed to get our own lodgings in this city. I left with the others and saw the two hawks fighting over some dead-rabbit meat on the highway. They both killed each other. I made my way to the Excalibur, the place that I would be staying at, and got a room on the 21st floor. I wasn’t asked much of anything and got what I wanted. I went to sleep. It would be a long day ahead for me. Something that I didn’t want to think about. An assassin being part of a security detail…
What could possibly go wrong?
Note: Tried doing this entirely in first person in a perspective from Hakon like if he was writing in his journal about his travels.



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