COTFS - Scion

Scion Redux - In the Beginning(Part 2)

Our heroes reconvened at the Wynn, where Karma Jenkins, the hotel services director, led the Scions through a labyrinthine series of corridors, lobbies, and doorways until they came to a giant set of ornate double doors, watched over by a lone security camera; it was looking a tad too expressive for Guo Yu’s comfort, and he swore it was mockingly grinning at him as he and his party attempted to make their way into the meeting room - the most reliable way of gaining entrance, knocking, didn’t work. Yu’s pin smoldered, and a single trail of incense-smelling smoke rose and faded into the air. He shrugged, thought “why not?,” and took it off his duster’s lapel, holding it high in the air for the camera to see. It seemed to work, as the heavy doors swung open, revealing a long table where a god representative from every pantheon sat - they were clearly engaging in some sort of discussion slash banter before all attention was diverted to the entering Scions. Guo Yu re-attached his pin and followed his fellow Scions, where he was much to his surprise promptly approached by his divine father, Guan Yu, from the side, completely invisible from his peripheral vision for some odd reason. Maybe he wasn’t paying attention, but it didn’t matter. Yu took in this moment, which was one of the few times where he met his father in person as opposed to one of his numerous retainers. Guan Yu gingerly patted his son on the shoulder and handed him jian, which was sheathed in a subtly ornate scabbard.

“Make me proud, son,” he said, being brief.

Guo Yu nodded and hid away the sword within the voluminous confines of his duster. When the rest of the gods were done doting on their own children, they ushered their Scions out the door, with an order to stand guard and prevent anyone from interrupting their meeting. Karma attempted to weasel into the room a couple times, but relented after Hakon managed to talk her into leaving them alone, save for asking them if they needed any refreshments. Yu ordered a hamburger, a beer and the day’s newspaper, then let his back slide down the wall and sat, waiting for something exciting to happen, because if nothing gets complicated soon, this would be an extremely dull couple of hours. Suddenly, the ground began to shake; Yu’s sword began to clatter against the floor, his hamburger became disheveled, and his cigarette fell from his teeth. Fate obliged, and sent some long-awaited excitement: a lindwurm burst from the marble floor, flailing around and screeching something awful. It went berserk as Yu and Hakon opened fire, dejectedly watching as their bullets barely made a dent in its hide. Ami procured two katanas from her gym bag, and rushed the beast, swinging hard and wild - the lindwurm shrieked as the blades carved deep, liberating generous spouts of blood. Reflexively, it let loose a stream of acid which happened to fly in Alex’s direction; he quickly raised his shield to repel the attack, and rushed in with hasta at the ready. Eventually, with another terrible shriek, the titanspawn was slain under a flurry of swords, spear points, and bullets.

At someone’s suggestion, Ami stripped the lindwurm of its hide; afterwards, the Scions shoved its corpse back down the hole it came from in an attempt to cover up the recent slaughter. Guo Yu laid down a ward on the hole so that no curious fool would go looking down it. When Karma came back down, Hakon used his god-given powers to turn her away again, this time persuading her to cover the fees of the repair job she was about to call up. Eventually, the crews came down to pour cement in the hole, the cops came around to ask questions(Hakon dissuaded them from pressing any further), and Karma Jenkins gave our heroes four tickets to the show Panegyris as a form of gratitude.

The day’s meeting adjourned, and the Scions set off to the show, having successfully accomplished their first task as a band.



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