COTFS - Scion

Seeing, Searching, and Swiping!

The Scions, after their victory against the lindwurm, go to the show. All of them see the show and see various parts of their pantheon’s legend playing about. There’s a quite occult theme going on and of which something about a man descending into a cave. The party after this splits up and Hakon rides out into the desert to get away from the others. He sees something from the corner of his eye, something ominous, and the others seeing something on the screen on the TV. The image was only there for a short time. The same symbol/theme at the show was reversed.

The Scions eventually get to bed. They wake up the next morning refreshed. Hakon goes out into the dsert while everyone else checks out maps on google. Hakon has his raven look around for the place. He ignores a phone call and then after awhile checks his messages to see that Yu called him. He gets the location and heads over there. He finds the rest waiting for him. Alexander goes first into the cavern and the others follow. They find themselves at a very deep ravine that no one should fall into lest that they die because of it. After searching, there was no way across. Yu, conviently, had some cable with his hummer. This was used to bridge the gap, the birds helped out in this cause.

Ami slips about half-way-through and so Yu has to go back and get her. Everyone else does pretty well. The heroes continue onwards until they reach a chamber. Techutli attacks and they all jump into action. The beast was slain by the combined effort of the scions and no scions were hurt. All of the party noticed the eggs, a bed of feathers, and a boulder or two. Yu does his thing and moves the boulder aside with relative ease. There was a shroud, the Black Feather Shroud, so this had to be a mystical relic. Hakon and the others do whatever and head over to their meeting spot.



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