COTFS - Scion

Sword Women, Boxes, and Cultists

The Scions with still some time left before having to do Yu’s quest decide to do Ami’s quest. They were deciding what to do when it was decided by one of them that Ami should get something to help her find the pieces of the sword. Ami goes off and gets a sash from her divine parent, Amaterasu. They were off then as they go off to find the three pieces. Ami was lucky as two of the pieces were in the Imperial Palace (a hotel). One of them was a woman which Ami got a hair off of by tricking her. The other Scions couldn’t really do anything but follow her. The second piece was gotten off a young teenage girl. Ami gave a map to the girl, pulls it away quickly after that, and gets the girl a paper cut.

She treats the girl, being the caregiver that she is, and apologizes to her and her parents. Ami gets the blood drop. The two samples had glowed green. The two women had a green aura around them. The third was taken off of an old lady by making a tear come from her. Guo steps on her foot. Guo pays for a cup of ramen and apologizes while Ami gets the tear. It was with these three pieces that they went back to the Imperial Palace. Ami returns them to Amaterasu and that was that. Ami was the greatest help here. The rest of the Scions didn’t even do anything.

It was onto the last quest, Guo Yu. Hakon followed along just to provide help. He was tired and he needed to sleep. They arrived at Guan Yu’s room in the hotel that he was staying in. Guan explains that the box shouldn’t be opened or taken. Yu was going to be gone for the night and so the box needed to be protected for the entire night. It was after this that Alexander stays up through having caffeinated drinks. Hakon goes to sleep and Ami does so as well. Guo puts a ward over the door. Guo called for room service which turned out to be a farce as one of the hotel service people wielded a sword and was trying to break in.

The ward wasn’t going to last very much longer and so the Scions take care of the problem. It was after that bit that Hakon gets more sleep but outside this time. Hakon went outside into the hallway to help Yu out. They were on opposite sides of a pretty long hallway. Hakon’s raven was with him. Cultists attacked and were taken care of. Hakon takes care of two of them with his Winchester. Hakon muttered sleepily under his breath something about a headshot. The rest were taken care of by the raven, Guo, and Sasaki (being the sword-wielding healer that she is). Guo knocks one of them through the ceiling of the hallway. All of them were in the room now. The police came and the scion of Guan Yu failed at lying to the police. He had to force himself to lie to them. The lie was all about the black-robed guys and white-robed guys. Hakon backs him up and uses one of his knacks to get the police to belief him. He was quite good at doing this. He had dealt with police before. The scions had to fight another scion from the Celestial bureaucracy.

This one almost got the box but Hakon saved it quickly as he was nearest to the box. Alexander was smacked by a staff. People were tripped. The rival Scion was dealt with in all the dramatic action. The final challenge was a demon but which was no challenge at all for the new demigod. Guan Yu returned and checked with the Scions if the box was opened. They truthfully told the god that it wasn’t. He thanked Guo and his associates and gave something to him.

(I’ll do something on this later. I’m pretty tired and all that).



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