COTFS - Scion

Unlikely Team of Four

It was sometime during the same day that the band met back up at the Wynn. Karma Jenkins met them and introduced herself as the director of hotel services. She led all of them through the Wynn until they were in front of a pair of doors. She left them after that. A security camera was there and it seemed off. Eventually, the scions got in through Yu showing his pin to the camera. The doors opened up revealing the conference room and several figures sitting down at a table across from each other. The gods were there and had noticed the doors opening. Each divine parent greeted their child and led them aside to give them their gifts or in Hakon’s case to take the fenrir fang. Hakon got his fang back after they were going to leave and it was imbued with the animal (raven) purview. The scions left and the doors were closed shut. The Scions had been told to guard the door and stop anyone from interrupting the meeting.

Karma was back and wanted to know what was so important. Hakon was ready for the save and talked her out of it and made her leave them alone, except for getting some drinks and food. Yu left to get something and was further away when the ground started to tremble where Hakon and Alexander was. Hakon called Yu on the phone and told him to get down there quickly. Yu arrived only for a lindwurm to burst through the marble floor. Yu failed to hit the worm as it was quite flexible and Hakon hit it but it only did a little damage. All the others joined in and damaged it further and finally finished it off. The wurm was skinned and Ami held onto the skin as she was the battle medic for the group.

The wurm did attack at least once and it sent acid flying straight at Alex, who repelled the attack with his shield. All the Scions put the corpse back into the hole and one or two of the Scions had wurm goo on them. They cleaned themselves as best as they could before Karma arrived again. Hakon, taking in the whole being the “explanation guy” used his powers to persuade Karma to go away again and cover the fees of the reapirs. The Scions did much of the clean up for the goo. The hole was eventually repaired and no one would find out what was going on in that room. Karma Jenkins handed out a ticket to each of the four scions. These tickets were for the show Panegyris as some gesture of gratitude. They would all go to it as they had nothing better to do.



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