Guo Yu

A reformed Triad enforcer seeking to redeem himself through a career in law enforcement as a Shanghai-based detective.


Name: Guo Yu (Player: Gene) Age: 25 Occupation: Detective Lieutenant, Demigod
Calling: Atoning Homicide Detective
Nature: Penitent
Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy
God: Guan Yu
Attributes: Strength 5 (Epic 4), Dexterity 5 (Epic 4), Stamina 5 (Epic 4); Manipulation 3 (Epic 3), Appearance 3, Charisma 3; Perception 4 (Epic 2), Intelligence 4 (Epic 1), Wits 5 (Epic 4)
Abilities: Academics 1, Athletics 1, Awareness 3, Brawl 5, Command 2, Control (Cars) 2, Empathy 3, Fortitude 4, Integrity 4, Investigation 5, Marksmanship 5, Melee 5, Politics 1, Presence 2
Join Battle: 8(+7)
Dodge DV: 13(-1)
Move: 12(-1)/Dash: 27/Jump: 13(26 horizontally)
Lift: 10,550 lbs

  • Shi Zi Qiang Relic 4 (War, Justice, three barreled for 3x damage)
  • Shi Zi Tao Relic 5 (Guardian, Damage taken by the wearer is transferred to Guo Yu to a maximum of Legend (After Soak is applied), Returns when summoned from a maximum of x5 Legend Yards, convert Lethal to Bashing, Bashing to nothing at 0 Legend cost, spend 2 Legend to convert Aggravated to Lethal)
  • Shi Zi Jian Relic 5 (Animal (Lion), Penetrating, Deals Aggravated to the unjust)
  • Shi Shi 2
  • Tattoo of the Guardian Lion 1 (Allows Yu to summon and recall the Shishi for 1 Legend Point)
  • Seasoned Cops x5 Followers 2
  • Ruyi Jingu Bang Relic 2 (Can increase its size by 100% Per dot of Legend)
  • Samedi’s Unfiltered Cigarettes (11/12 cigs, detects walking dead within 100 feet.)
  • Samedi’s Peppered Rum Flask (10/10 shots, detects walking dead within 100 feet.)

Clinch AC 10(+ 7) 6L(+ 7) Parry – Speed 6 Grapple
Unarmed, Light AC 11(+ 7) 6L(+ 7) Parry 13 Speed 4
Unarmed, Heavy AC 9(+ 7) 9L(+ 7) Parry 11 Speed 5
Shi Zi Qiang (Colt Anaconda) AC 10(+ 7) 18L Range 50 Clip 6 Speed 4 P
Shi Zi Jian (Spatha) AC 11(+ 7) 10L(+ 7) Parry 13 Speed 4 P
Ruyi Jingu Bang AC 12(+ 7) 9B(+ 7) Parry 12 Speed 6
Shi Zi Tao (Leather/Hide) +1L/3B, -1 Mobility, 1 Fatigue
Bulletproof Vest +2L/2B, 1 Fatigue, B
Medusae Blood(1) – User is immune to mundane poisons and +2 to Fortitude for a day, and immune to Medusae poisons for a year
Knacks: Lightning Sprinter, Blurt it Out, Subliminal Warning, Instant Investigator, Crushing Grip, Divine Wrath, Body Armor, Self Healing, Damage Conversion, One Inch Punch, Flick, Impenetrable, Fast as Thought, Untouchable Opponent, Whirlwind Shield, Eternal Vigilance, Opening Gambit, Between the Ticks, Spatial Attunement, Takes One to Know One, Fast Learner, Overt Order
Boons: Judgement (1), Ward (3), Five Cycle Augmentation (1), Yin Yang Destruction (2)
Health Levels: 0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/I (Ignore up to 7 Wounds)
Soak: 13L/17B/4A
Willpower: 6/6
Legend: 5 Legend Points: 25/25
Duty 3
Harmony 1
Intellect 2
Valor 3

Guo Yu’s Golden Boys (5 Seasoned Cops):
Legend: 1 Legend Points: 1/1
Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3; Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2; Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Science: Forensics 3
Abilities: Academics 2, Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Command 2, Control 2, Empathy 1, Integrity 3, Investigation 2, Larceny 1, Marksmanship 3, Medicine 1, Melee 2, Stealth 1
Knacks (James Tucker, Johnny Chan, Huang Chen, Xu Jun, Li Zhi): Between the Ticks, One Inch Punch, Crowd Control, Raging Bull, Know-it-all
Join Battle: 6
Attacks: Clinch – Acc 6/ DMG 4B/Parry DV – /Speed 6/P, Unarmed Heavy – Acc 5/DMG 7B/Parry DV 2/Speed 5, Unarmed Light – Acc 7/DMG 4B/Parry DV 3/Speed 4, Nightstick – Acc 6/Damage 4B/Parry DV 3/Speed 4/P, Glock – Acc 7/DMG 4L/Range 20/Speed 4/P, AK47 – Acc 5/DMG 5L/Range 125/Speed 5/P, Riot Shield – Acc 4/DMG 2B/Defense 1/Speed 6/B
Soak: 2L/5B (w/Bulletproof Vest, + 2L/2B) (Riot Gear, + 5L/+ 8B/- 2 Mobility)
Health Levels: 0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incapacitated
Dodge DV: 3 (Riot Shield, + 1 DV) WillPower: 5
Virtues(James Tucker, Johnny Chan, Huang Chen, Xu Jun, Li Zhi):
Duty 2 2 3 1 1
Harmony 1 1 2 1 1
Intellect 1 2 1 1 4
Valor 3 2 1 4 1

Xun Ling (Chinese Guardian Lion):
Templates: Undying
Legend: 4 Legend Points: 16/16
Attributes: Strength 6 (Epic 3), Dexterity 6 (Epic 3), Stamina 7 (Epic 3); Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 2; Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 3 (Epic 2)
Abilities: Athletics 4, Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Integrity 2, Investigation 2, Presence 3, Fortitude 3, Stealth 4, Survival 3
Knacks: Holy Bound, Shock Wave, Holy Rampage, Body Armor, Impenetrable, Self Healing, Cat’s Grace, Lightning Sprint, Faster than Thought, Between the Ticks, Opening Gambit, Takes One to Know One
Boons: Ward, Shield of Righteousness, Vigil Brand
Join Battle: 6 + 2
Bite: Accuracy 9(+ 4) Damage 7L(+ 4) Parry DV —, Speed 6
Claw: Accuracy 10(+ 4) Damage 6L(+ 4) Parry DV —, Speed 4
Soak: 3A/8L/11B
Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap (Ignore 4 Wound Penalties)
Dodge DV: 11 Willpower: 5
Move: 10 Dash: 20 Vertical Jump: 28 Horizontal Jump: 52
Duty 4
Harmony 1
Intellect 1
Valor 3
Other Notes: Does not need to eat, breathe, or sleep. Immune to petrification, mundane poisons, and can be re-made upon “death” as long as all pieces are found. Immune to Earth boons from those with lower Legend ratings, but Sky and Frost boons have a piercing quality. Due to the Undying template, the lion will resurrect after death, sometimes in a storage relic. At Legend 10, the creature acts as a Soul Jar, so that if the Scion takes a normally fatal attack, he does not die as long as the lion is alive. However, if both the lion and the Scion are both given lethal blows, they die unless the Scion has Ultimate Stamina or some other means of returning from death, at which point the creature is reborn alongside him.

Knack Descriptions:
Crushing Grip – Clinches now deal lethal damage, though the option to deal bashing damage or even no damage, is available.

Divine Wrath – Unarmed attacks now automatically deal lethal damage, though the option to deal bashing damage is still available, at a penalty. By spending 5 Legend Points, the Scion may deal aggravated damage by grappling, though the intention must be declared and the cost must be paid prior to rolling attack.

Lightning Sprinter – By spending 1 Legend Point, the Scion can sprint double the distance with the Dash action. Also, penalties for dashing through water or mud that come up to between ankle- to shoulder-height is negated, as long as the Scion began the Dash action on terrain without penalties, and the character continues to perform consecutive Dash actions.

Blurt it Out – By spending one Legend Point, the Scion can cause the target to blurt out an answer to his question truthfully, provided the target doesn’t successfully make a (Integrity + Legend + Willpower) check against a difficulty equal to the Scion’s Epic Manipulation + 1 - upon success though, the target can spend a Willpower point to avert a slip of tongue.

Subliminal Warning – Gain extra dice equal to Epic Perception when rolling to detect an ambush.

Instant Investigator – By spending one Legend Point, the Scion is allowed a reflexive (Wits + Investigation) roll when surveying a crime scene. Upon success, the Scion can tell what crimes were committed, how many perpetrators were involved, how long ago it happened, roughly the sequence of events that took place, and what means the perpetrators employed to cover up the

Damage Conversion – Spend spending 1 Legend Point, the Scion can reflexively convert all Lethal damage into Bashing damage. However, an overload of Bashing damage will convert existing Bashing damage into Lethal.

Self Healing – For every Legend Point spent, the Scion can heal Bashing or Lethal damage equal to the amount spent, without leaving a scar.

Body Armor – Even when unarmed, the Scion can now parry close-combat lethal attacks. Also, by spending one Legend Point, the Scion can call out the ichor within him to cover his body, providing him Lethal and Bashing Soak equal to his legend, while bestowing a mobility penalty of -1. This armor lasts for one scene.

One Inch Punch – By spending three Legend points per application, the Scion can apply the full force of his strength with little motion, such as flicking a rock with his toe hard enough to kill a man, poke a building and cause a wall to crumble, or send a boulder flying even when restricted to the use of a lone finger. Essentially, damage output and lift capacity are not inhibited when forced to rely merely on a single limb, a part of the body, or restricted range of motion.

Flick – By spending three Legend points per scene, the Scion can manipulate the molecules of the air itself; by making an unarmed attack gesture such as a punch, a kick, or even a flick of the finger, the Scion can strike an opponent from a distance. Cannot be used with weapons or inflict aggravated damage.

Impenetrable – Body Armor now adds Aggravated Soak equal to half the Scion’s Legend, and also protects from the Piercing quality of attacks. Additionally, the armor can sheathe articles of clothing.

Fast as Thought – By spending a Legend point per scene, the Scion can dash double the distance he would when using Lightning Sprint, and long term running speed is also increased, allowing the Scion to cross long distances on foot quickly. Additionally, the Scion can defy gravity for short periods, allowing him to run across short gaps, up steep inclines, and even over low walls without pause. With this knack, the Scion can travel any incline less than 60 degrees for any distance, travel up walls, and run across gaps five times the Scion’s Legend in feet. The Scion must be running already when attempting to traverse such obstacles however ,and will fail when he slows down or stops.

Untouchable Opponent – By spending a Legend point per scene, the Scion can double the benefit of his Epic Dexterity when calculating Dodge DVs. Also negates DV penalties equal to Epic Dexterity dots when on unstable terrain. Does not work for Parry DVs, and the Scion must be actively dodging as opposed to hiding behind cover.

Whirlwind Shield – By spending a Legend point per scene, the Scion can apply his full Parry DV to thrown attacks and crossbow and bow projectiles; he can knock aside or snag projectiles almost without thinking about it. The Scion can also, with a stunt, parry bullets.

Eternal Vigilance – With this knack, nothing can take the Scion by surprise; he joins battle as soon as the attack occurs, and applies full DV for his defense. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give him time to warn everyone else. This knack also applies when the Scion is sleeping, though to a lesser extent. When an attack occurs, the Scion rolls the entire dice pool he would usually roll to detect ambushes when awake as if he didn’t have this knack.

Opening Gambit – By spending one point of Legend, the Scion can simply opt to go first when rolling Join Battle. If two or more Scions use this knack at the same time, roll (Wits + Epic Wits) to determine order.

Between the Ticks – By spending three Legend points, the Scion can interrupt after any action with a perfectly-timed maneuver and split-second reactions, essentially taking an action before the requisite amount of ticks pass by. Can only be used once per scene.

Spatial Attunement – The Scion is so aware of his surroundings that his other sense compensate for his eyes when identifying objects outside of his line of sight; for example, the Scion could recognize the person sneaking up behind him by his telltale scent and mark exactly how far away that person is by the sound of his passing. With one quick glance of the room, the Scion can mark in his mind exactly where every wall and object is, at which point he could navigate the room with eyes closed. Essentially, the Scion can perceive what’s going on around him in a 360 degree arc. Also, the Scion suffers no penalties from fighting blind, as long as he can smell or hear his opponent.

Takes One to Know One – The Scion is aware that a person is lying, should the person knowingly lie. This doesn’t work, however, if the person is speaking in a language the Scion cannot understand, or if it’s text. When God’s Honest is used on the Scion, roll a normal detect lies attempt.

Fast Learner – Costs for purchasing Academics, Occult, Science, Politics, or Medicine with experience points is cut in half; round up.

Overt Order – By spending one Willpower, the Scion can bark an order an individual must obey, should it be possible in a single action. Furthermore, the target can interpret the command so that it’s not directly suicidal.

Holy Bound – Double jumping distance.

Holy Rampage – Spend a point of Legend to halve the Hardness of an inanimate object that’s either freestanding or in your control when you attack it.

Shock Wave – By spending one Legend Point, the Scion can either: 1. Send out a shock wave with a radius equal to Epic Strength in yards, and a Strength roll plus Epic Strength bonuses must be made; if the result is higher than the affected’s DV, the wave immediately knocks them down and deals Bashing damage equal to the amount the DV didn’t cancel out. 2. Send a shock wave with a distance equal to Epic Strength in yards, and a standard Dexterity attack roll must be made; if the result is higher than the affected’s DV, roll Strength plus Epic Strength bonuses and deal Bashing damage equal to successes, and the target is hurled straight up into the air for yards equal to unsoaked damage, and spends 6 ticks falling back down. The target can still make ranged attacks at 5 penalties, but DV is halved and the target cannot move. Potentially, should the height be great enough, the fall will also do damage.

Crowd Control – By spending 1 Legend Point and 1 Willpower, roleplay or roll (Charisma + Presence) in order to calm three people per success. May require opposed roll if the mob is being controlled.

Know-it-all – The Scion is a wellspring of obscure trivia that can help a band that’s stumped.

Raging Bull – By spending 3 Legend Points, the Scion gains bonuses from wounds rather than penalties in appropriate rolls. Also, should the Scion take any damage, he may choose to spend 1 Legend Point to recover 1 Willpower. Even if Epic Stamina negates wound penalties, the Scion still gains full bonuses, and extra health levels in the case of this knack are treated as minus 4 penalties, which is in turn a bonus of 4.

Cat’s Grace – The Scion always stays on their feet, regardless of terrain or Knockback. Suffer no dice penalties from unstable terrain.

Boon Descriptions:
Judgement – When confronting another suspected of committing some sort of injustice, the Scion can make an uncontested (Empathy + Perception) roll to intuitively tell whether the suspect is guilty as charged.

Ward – By spending one Legend Point and one Willpower, the Scion can place a ward on an entrance against a certain type of threat. The ward acts as a sphere of circumference equal to 500 square feet per dot of Legend. The duration of the ward equals number of successes garnered by a (Stamina + Fortitude) roll. The Scion can stack wards, but each one requires its own activation roll and cost. The ward can take a number of health levels of damage equal to the Scion’s Legend x 5 and the number of activation successes, and it has a Hardness rating equal to the Scion’s Legend.

Five Cycle Augmentation – By spending 1 Legend, the Scion can enhance another character who is using a Boon or spell. By doing this, the recipient’s Legend when using the Boon or spell is treated as one higher than the actual value, so that a dice pool that included Legend would gain 1 die, and Legend would be one higher for purposes of Boons whose effectiveness depends on the attacker’s Legend being equal or higher than his target’s. Five Cycle Augmentation can also be chained, so that a single person can benefit from a Legend boost from all participants. However, this boost cannot exceed the highest Legend of any participants, and cannot boost one’s effective Legend past 12. So, for example, if four Scions used Five Cycle Augmentation in a series on a fifth person, and all participants had a Legend of 2, the final recipient Legend could not rise above 4.

Yin-Yang Destruction – By spending 1 Legend, the Scion can negate another’s Boon or spell. If the Scion has a tick free to engage in a Guard action, he can roll (Legend + Occult or Science). With enough successes, the Scion negates the effect of a Boon or spell on him. If the Scion knows any Boons from the Purview that was used against him, the difficulty is equal to the attacker’s Legend. If not, the difficulty is twice the attacker’s Legend. Alternatively, Yin-Yang Destruction can be used at range to counter a Boon or spell that isn’t specifically directed at the Scion. By spending 1 Willpower in addition to the initial Legend cost, and having a tick free for a Miscellaneous action instead of the Guard action, the Scion can negate the Boon or spell should the use of the Boon or spell be perceivable.

Vigil Brand – By spending 1 Legend, the Scion can touch a person to lay a brand. Reflexively, the Scion will intuitively know when his subject is in danger, and with a (Perception + Empathy) roll, he can gain a clearer understanding of his subject’s situation. The Scion can also use the boon to check up on a subject at anytime, but only one subject at a time.

Shield of Righteousness – By spending 1 Legend and 1 Willpower, the Scion can cry out against an injustice in his presence, and the next attack on a victim that would do any damage is negated completely. The victim must actually be innocent.

Exp: 19

Wish List: Write vignettes and backstory



Guo Xiang stood on the edge of the platform, staring eagerly at a cargo ship that was floating on over to the oil rig. She took off her gloves and wiped her sweaty hands on the legs of her overalls before shouting to the men below to ready the crane. Soon, the ship docked and out stepped the captain and a sizable amount of his crew, helping the proceedings along. Xiang strode on over to the captain with a bit of spring in her step, making small talk as, in the background, the crane transferred crates upon crates of oil-bearing barrels onto the cargo ship. Both Xiang and the captain were mutually smiling, obviously fond of each other. Workers from both the rig and the ship were talking in rapid whispers that were rife with rumors of some sort of romantic attraction between the two. The captain said something indiscernible over the din of machinery in the background, but Guo Xiang was obviously pleased, judging by her expression. Quickly, the two made their way onto the cargo ship, presumably to spend the night together.

Nine months later, Guo Yu was born in a tiny hospital near the shores of Shanghai. Fatally depressed when the father didn’t show up to see her and the child, Guo Xiang left the hospital and her baby behind in the middle of the night, off to whatever fate that awaited her - she simply disappeared as far as anyone could tell, and was never seen again. While the hospital staff was preparing to move Yu to an orphanage somewhere downtown, the captain appeared once more and, with his silver tongue, persuaded the attendees to give him the child. Back at his ship, he ruminated on how to deal with the child, since he had business elsewhere and couldn’t bring the baby along. So, he entrusted Guo Yu to his loyal crew, giving them the responsibility of raising the child in his stead. Upon nightfall, the captain disappeared too, never to be seen again.


Thirteen, Yu was embroiled in a giant brawl with orphanage kids, after they had set upon him for his pocket change. Though he was close to losing his money, fortunately one of the larger orphans, the infamous half-Chinese half-Irish spawn of wai guo ren known only as Kenny, tore Yu’s current assailant away - the weasel of a kid had been trying to choke out Yu - before shouting to the rest of the orphans to back the fuck off. Considering Kenny was a bit of an unchained prone-to-violence bastard, the orphans disbanded and went their separate ways. He lifted his brother-from-another-mother off the cement and helped him collect his paltry sum of cash. While Yu thanked him, Kenny relayed the message that brought him here in the first place: Uncle Jimmy - James Lee preferred this moniker, thinking it made him more approchable - was looking for him, with good news. Guo Yu was a tad skeptical, since nothing good has happened since the crew’s ship was decommissioned and everyone was laid off - it didn’t help that Yu had to stay with Uncle Jimmy, who was arguably the least qualified of the crew when it came to taking care of others.

Currently, James and Yu lived in a small storage room at the back of a run-down saloon situated in a narrow alleyway of downtown Shanghai; the owner was merciful enough to not throw them out the first time she discovered the two bumming around in it. When they first moved in here, Yu would attempt to hold his breath as he was assaulted by the dense smells of cigarette smoke, booze, and urine, but these days he was pretty desensitized towards the whole affront to the senses. Something was off today, however, as there were a lot more people in the bar than the usual numbers on a weekday afternoon - in fact, some had to stand outside due to how packed the establishment was. Guo Yu made his best effort to squeeze through, and finally reached Uncle Jimmy, who was currently sitting on his bed with a bloody nose. A man of exceptional girth was seated across him on a footstool, smoking a fat cigar.

“Well well well, seems your lifeline has arrived.”

The large man took Yu’s hand and shook it, at which point the boy asked his “uncle” what was going on. It seemed Uncle Jimmy had generated a substantial amount of gambling debt with the Triad, and the giant fellow that had punched him in the nose was the head honcho in charge of the entirety of downtown Shanghai. Really, you’d have to be flattered - and have done something utterly stupid - to receive a visit from the boss himself. Also, all the men outside this room were genuine gangsters of the most unsavory kind. Things were definitely not looking up. Because Uncle Jimmy had stolen from the Triad, in addition to incurring astronomical amounts of debt, he decided to essentially sell Guo Yu into the service of the Triad. There was no good news, for that was merely a ruse to get him to come here and save Jimmy’s ass. Dumbfounded, Yu did nothing as the mafia boss, Da Xiong, led him outside into a car to be taken away. Kenny, who had arrived recently, apologized and said that he didn’t know what was going on. It didn’t matter though, and soon the saloon was nowhere in sight.

“You work for me now, kid.”


Five years have passed since Guo Yu was acquired by the Triad boss Da Xiong. They weren’t pleasant years, and he was forced to do many things that would earn him a place in the multiple hells of the Chinese afterlife. As a Triad enforcer, Yu had collected, stole, and murdered for his boss. He had witnessed the many atrocities committed by his comrades and did nothing. From the acts of throwing infants into rivers to burning down hospices, Da Xiong successfully remained in control of his “constituents.” There were some positives in Yu’s life, though, for he was at the moment a favorite of the boss, though Da Xiong was notoriously fickle in his preferences. Due to his esteemed position, Yu enjoyed many benefits, including large amounts of money which he used to indulge in his love of movies. Furthermore, Kenny had joined him within the folds of the Triad, giving Yu genuine companionship in the dog-eat-dog world of criminals. Still, nothing in this world stays static for too long, and things were about to change for everyone.

Guo Yu sat in his recliner, mulling over some disturbing news. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly played in the background as he took in the fact that Uncle Jimmy was recently killed by the Triad. He had stolen from the mafia again, which was for Da Xiong his final strike. Mere hours after his crime was identified, a mob of gangsters machine-gunned the entire saloon where Jimmy and Yu used to live, killing everyone including the man they were looking for, the elderly woman who owned the bar, and the few patrons unlucky enough to be drinking there that day. Though Yu generally found the actions of the Triad to be disgusting, this struck him hard - perhaps it was because this one affected him personally, and he had good memories, however few, with those that were lost in the execution. Uncle Jimmy wasn’t the greatest of people, but he certainly wasn’t as despicable as many of the gangsters Yu associated himself with today, and his fate, Guo Yu felt, was severely unjust; the owner he once referred to as “grandma,” who had extended some measure of kindness to Jimmy and him by allowing them a home in the saloon, definitely didn’t deserve what had happened to her.

Li Jiang, or Jenny as she was known to her customers once, sensed Yu was troubled and sat on the arm of his recliner, hoping she could comfort him. The two had met in one of Da Xiong’s brothels half a year ago, while Yu was surveying the state of things for his boss. Though she was two years older than him, and likely had turned enough tricks to make her jaded towards anyone of the male gender, Li Jiang took quite a liking to Yu. Eventually, those weaker feelings developed into love, and the two were soon bound together, having found solace in each other and their similarly unfortunate pasts. Though she was one of the girls in Da Xiong’s stable, the boss made an exception just this once, and allowed her to leave her occupation in order to stay with his favorite little enforcer. Guo Yu turned to her and smiled, about to reassure her that nothing was wrong, when his apartment door was kicked down and in charged four goons with firearms raised. Yu reached for the gun on his coffee table when a familiar voice told him to stop where he was. Da Xiong stepped into the room, obviously here for business, and not the genial hand-shaking kind. After some explaining, Yu realized that Uncle Jimmy wasn’t killed because he actually stole from the Triad. What actually happened was that Da Xiong found out Yu had given some money to Uncle Jimmy. One day, Uncle Jimmy approached Yu with plans of investing in some noteworthy businesses, and that all he needed was a bit of money to get started, and he’d be rich. Yu, seeing him in his current state of poverty, pitied him enough to hand over the equivalent of a dozen grand in USD. Da Xiong found out of course, and what he figured was that any money Yu had was his, for he owned Yu himself. Therefore, Yu had “wrongfully” given away the Triad’s money to some outsider, and therefore both Jimmy and Yu had “stolen” from the gang. For this offense, he had Uncle Jimmy killed, and was now here to dole out punishment for Yu’s part in the deeds. Yu became angered as two of the gangsters restrained Li Jiang and brought her to Da Xiong’s side, yet he could do nothing. Taking out a knife, the boss explained to Yu that under normal circumstances, he would’ve punished Yu directly, but Yu was his favorite after all. Therefore, to remind Yu of his place as Triad property, Da Xiong drove the blade into Li Jiang’s heart; she died within seconds.

“I can give, but I can also take.”


Misc. Descriptions:

Yu has a rather built physique, honed from his days as a Triad Lord’s enforcer, and is rather tall for a Chinese man at 5 feet 10 inches. His skin shows off a healthy tan, gained from his days working on a cargo ship. His hair is usually kept neatly trimmed and professionally slicked back; to complement this, he keeps a trimmed mustache and goatee combo, though this gets slightly messier when he’s focused on a case. Since his Visitation, his dark eyes have been peppered with extremely tiny, almost iridescent flecks of gold. Most of the time, he wears the black duster bestowed upon him by his divine father, over a v-neck shirt or thermal with a pair of khaki pleated slacks, a rather plain leather belt, and a pair of either black wingtips or combat boots. Sometimes, though, he likes to indulge in a bit of overtly American culture by donning a pair of brown leather cowboy boots. However, when he wants to dress more professionally, he substitutes with a dress shirt, tie, and tie clip combo with wingtips. Regardless of whether he dresses casually or formally, Yu rarely goes out without a shoulder holster and his Shi Zi Qiang, a relic .44 Colt Anaconda. Rather fond of Western culture, and particularly that of America’s, he has a taste for delicious “gourmet” hamburgers and even simple fast food fare, along with Western alcohol as opposed to more Eastern brews. Usually, Yu keeps a cigar with him, if not a carton of cigarettes. Of course, he carries a flask given to him by his mentor(another detective), which contains either whiskey or other brown liquors and is rarely left empty.

The Shi Zi Qiang is a three barreled divine revolver given to Guo Yu as a gift during his first Visitation by a lesser shen acting on behalf of Yu’s divine father, Guan Yu. The revolver’s barrel and frame were forged from the scales of a Chinese Dragon that had martyred itself in a battle against Titanspawn, seeking retribution for the souls of di yu that were lost to oblivion when the Titans escaped and shattered the Ten Courts. The cylinder and handle were carved from the shattered remains of a female shishi that had died protecting its cub and numerous other souls while defending the Tenth Court from Titanspawn. The barrels and frame of the gun are of a gleaming silver, pearly color, always supernaturally polished. The cylinder and handle appear to be made of marble, though the material is far more durable than the more mundane stone it resembles; on the handle is a gold engraving of a roaring lion head. When fired, the revolver emits a lion’s roar that reverberates and lingers in the hearts of the unjust. The Shi Zi Qiang grants access to the War and Justice purviews.

The Shi Zi Tao is a divine duster given to Guo Yu as a gift during his first Visitation. The coat is of an austere black color, with a giant golden image of a roaring lion’s head embroidered on the back; typically, it’s only visible when the light strikes the back at certain angles. Woven from countless divine shishi whiskers, the coat is durable yet light for its size. Blessed by Guan Yu, the coat allows Guo Yu to suffer for his friends, and dresses his body when commanded. When Yu is feeling particularly virtuous, the coat billows as if it were being blown by the wind, even if there aren’t any movements in the air. The Shi Zi Tao allows access to the Guardian purview, and amplifies Guo Yu’s Damage Conversion knack.

The Shi Zi Jian is a divine jian given to Guo Yu as a gift during his trip to Las Vegas by Guan Yu himself. The jian is an otherwise normal Chinese sword with a tassel woven from lion fur and a lion emblem(identical to those found on Yu’s other birthrights) etched into the blade. Recently, some enchantments appeared etched into the blade that allows the sword to both pierce even the hardiest armor, and deal soul-rending damage to those who are sufficiently unjust. The Shi Zi Jian also allows Guo Yu to use boons under the Animal purview.

The Shishi is an animated Chinese Guardian Lion, resembling those found guarding the entrances of various buildings in the Forbidden City. Sculpted by celestial artists, the shishi was given life by some sort of divine meddling. Though it acts very much like a mundane lion, it’s rather hardy due to its rocky constitution, and is therefore much more resilient towards certain physiological threats than its mortal lion counterpart.

The Tattoo of the Guardian Lion is a multicolored skillfully inked tattoo of the celestial flavor; printed around it are the enchantments necessary that allow Guo Yu to summon and recall from the ethereal planes the particular shishi tattooed on his back. The purpose of this relic is primarily to allow Guo Yu some means of transporting his lion without drawing any unwanted attention. Additionally, in certain situations, should the lion meet “death,” its body will be recalled into the tattoo in order to be resurrected, due to the lion being “Undying.” Aesthetically, when activated, ghostly ink seem to flow from Yu’s body and paint the shishi in the air - the tattoo itself will have lost its color, showing only the outline of the design. When recalling the lion, the shishi will disintegrate into color, and the ink will return to fill up the tattoo.

The five detectives - obviously seasoned cops - under Guo Yu’s command were brought together by some obscure and manipulative machinations of Guan Yu. With their head detective, they’ve overcome numerous cases involving everything from Triad murder sprees to illegal cultist activities. Dubbed the Golden Boys for their apparent good fortune, the team consists of: James Tucker, an African American detective who moved from the United States to Shanghai in order to get as far away as possible from a murderously obsessive ex-wife, Johnny Chan, an eccentric humorous fellow talented at improvising for any situation and martial arts of the drunken fist kind, Huang Chen, the impossibly optimistic and by the book member of the crew who acts as a mediator during inter-team disagreements, Xu Jun, the appropriately pessimistic detective of the team who believes the saying “once a criminal, always a criminal” and harbors a vicious hatred for the Triad, and Li Zhi, the youngest member who went overseas and graduated from Harvard Law before coming back and ending up as the team’s know-it-all walking Wikipedia.

Guo Yu

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