Hákon Erickson

A master assassin who manipulates others to get what he wants done...


Info: Added what’s going to be on his person next time or might not be on his person next time. Some stuff might be necessary (or that he’s carrying just for extra power, when he cannot get away from just being stealthy). He’s someone who collects weapons that he finds when he kills a target as a memento. All of the stuff that ain’t really fitting to his Assassin trade are merely mementos but sometimes he uses them when he doesn’t need to be so sneaky…

Note: Some stuff has been taken down until I figure out something about future weapons (weapons that he will have in the future (between adventures) that my character will have

Info and Attributes
Data Info Physical Attributes Social Attributes Mental Attributes
Name (Player) Hákon Erickson (Marth) - Strength 3 (Epic 1) Charisma 4 Perception 5 (Epic 3)
Pantheon/God Aesir/Loki - Dexterity 4 (Epic 4) Manipulation 5 (Epic 3) Intelligence 5 (Epic 2)
Nature/Calling Trickster/Master Assassin - Stamina 4 (Epic 1) Appearance 3 Wits 3 (Epic 2)
Occupations Assassin, ???
Hobbies Researching the occult, Collecting weapons, ???

Abilities And Stats
Abilities Abilities - Main Stats Pool Combat Stats Info Other Stats Info
Academics 1 Animal Ken 1 - Legend 6 36/36 Join Battle 11 (+ 2) Virtues Loyalty 1
Art (wood carving) 1 Art (illusion) 1 - Willpower 7 7/7 Dodge DV 16 Courage 3
Athletics 4 Awareness 2 - Lift 1150 lbs. Parry DV 11-12 Expression 4
Brawl 2 Control (Motorcycle) 3 - - - Soak 1A/5L/8B - Endurance 1
Empathy 3 Larceny 3 - Health Levels -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap - -
Marksmanship 5 Melee 5 - - - Movement Move 11/Dash 24 - -
Occult 5 Politics 1 - Jump V-Jump 7/H-Jump 14 XP Gained 107
Science (Forensics) 1 Stealth 5 - XP Spent 107
Survival 3 Thrown 3 - XP Left 0
- - - - - - - -
Climbing Tracking Swimming (rough) Swimming (calm) Rolling (avoiding fall damage or reducing it) Resist Sleep Attack Roll Damage Roll -
7(+ 1) 8(+ 2) 7(+ 7) None required 7(+ 7) 4(+ 1) Varies Varies -

Birthrights and Lists
Birthright (type (dots)) Info/Powers
Reginnaglar (Relic 1) Fire
Reginnaglar (Relic 1) Chaos
Reginnaglar (Relic 2) Illusion, add legend to a (Wits + Awareness) roll
Reginnaglar (Relic 2) Magic & Moon
Fenrir Fang Necklace (Relic 3) Animal (Raven), Increase DVs by 2
Huginn (Creature (raven) 5) Protector, Familiar, Draconic, and Nemean
Loki Signet Ring (Relic 3) Darkness; The creature, Huginn, is able to be regenerated after it is killed by spending a point of legend
Name List
Knacks Perfect Memory, Know-It-All, Adaptive Fighting, Gods’ Honest, Takes One To Know One, Cobra Reflexes, Fast Learner, Spatial Attunement, Star Pupil, Cipher, Omnidexterity, Monkey Climber, Ricochet Symphony, Solipsistic Well–Being, Hurl to the Horizon, And The Crowd Goes Wild, Overt Order, Telescopic Senses, Scent the Divine, Dead Eye Gunman.
Boons Fire Immunity (1), Hornet’s Nest (2), Traitor’s Toast (1), Unlidded Eye (1), Demand A Labor (3), Animal Communication (Raven) (1), Subtle Knife (1), Shadow Step (4),
Languages Russian, Spanish, Finnish, and English
Survive (W/O) Water (1 Week, 5 days), Food (1 Week, 6 days), Sleep (1 week), Air (120 seconds?)

Gear Table
Weapon Accuracy Damage Range Defense Clip Speed Effect (if any) Have on person? (Y/N?)(Not unarmed)
Tools of the Trade
Clinch 6(+ 7) 4B(+ 1) Melee X X 6 Piercing ===
Darts 6(+ 7) 5L(+ 1) 40 X X 6 Poison Yes
2 x Glocks (double damage if both used at once/refer to dual-wielding) 10(+ 7) 4L 20 X 15 4 Piercing Yes (both on him)
Mercygiver 10 (+ 7) 6L(+ 1) Melee (unless thrown)/ Parry DV: 11 X 4 Piercing No
Stiletto 9(+ 7) 7L(+ 1) Melee(unless thrown)/ Parry DV: 12 X 4 Piercing Yes
Winchester Model 70 12(+ 7) 5L(+ 1) 500 X 5 6 Piercing Yes
Unarmed (Light) 7(+ 7) 4B(+ 1) Melee Parry DV: 11 X 4 None ===
Unarmed (Heavy) 5(+ 7) 7B(+ 1) Melee Parry DV: 9 X 5 None ===
Garrote Wire 10(+ 7) 6L(+ 1) Melee X X 3 None No
== == == == == == == == ==
== == == == == == == == ==
Memento Weapons
Machete 10(+ 7) 7L(+ 1) Melee Parry DV: 12 X 4 None Yes
Kukri 10(+ 7) 8L(+ 1) Melee Parry DV: 12 X 4 None No
Hadseax 10(+ 7) 6L(+ 1) Melee Parry DV: 12 X 4 None Yes
Remington 700 12(+ 7) 8L 1000 X 4 6 Piercing No
Cestus 8(+ 7) 7L(+ 7) Melee Parry DV: 12 X 4 X No
Rapier 8(+ 7) 7L(+ 7) Melee Parry DV: 12 X 4 X No
Longsword 10(+ 7) 9L(+ 1) Melee Parry DV: 12 X 5 None No
Zweihander 10(+ 7) 12L(+ 1) Melee Parry DV: 11 X 6 None No (just for display)
== == == == == == == ===
== == == == == == == == ===
== == == == == == == == ===
Poison Tolerance Damage Per ??? Toxicity Penalty Coated On (1) Coated on (2)
Batrchotoxin X 8L / action 4 -4 Darts ===
== == == == == == == == ===
== == == == == == == == ===
== == == == == == == == ===
Armor Soak Mobility Penalty Fatigue Tags Worn? == == ===
Biker Gear 0L/2B -1 0 X N === === ===
Bulletproof Vest 2L/2B 0 1 B Y == == ===
== == == == == == == == ===
== == == == == == == == ===
== == == == == == == == ===


Adaptive Fighting:

Cost: 1 Legend point

Roll: None
Adds: Dots of epic Wits (maximum of +6 (due to being demigod) to Next Attack Roll

It’s after one registers how an opponent defends. This insight allows the scion to launch a successful attack. Epic Wits allows the scion to adjust his offense after failing to touch an enemy. Missing an opponent with an attack. Scion spends one point of legend. Next attack, add Epic Wits as extra dice onto the attack roll with a maximum of + 3.

And The Crowd Goes Wild

Roll: None
Cost: None

The Scion is suited to athletic pursuits and excels at any sport that she plays (even oness that she has never heard before). Dice granted by athletics are considered automatic successes when the player rolls a dice pool that includes athletics. This doesn’t affect the DVs.


Cost: None
Roll (???):
Opposed Roll (Intelligence + Academics): 5 (+2)

He can crack any message (or encryption) by someone without Epic Intelligence without the need for a roll. He can design his own code for a specific recipient of which cannot be broken by anyone without Epic Intelligence (regardless of how smart they are, or what decryption equipment that they have). Only a fellow Scion (with Epic Intellience) can attempt breaking the code (this would call for an opposed (Intelligence + Academics) roll. The recipient can automatically read the message as clearly as if it were written in his native language.

Cobra Reflexes

Cost: None
Roll: (Attack Roll)
The one with this knack is so quick that the attacker who surprised him is not safe from him. The basics of this knack is that if someone surprise attacks him and fails to roll enough successes (on their (Wits + Awareness) roll) then the Scion may still attack the attacker back at the same time. The counterattack from the one with this knack is lightning quick and so this attack on the surprise attacker is treated as an unexpected attack. Yet, the knack owner (a scion) might not realize that he has taken the attack action until the ambusher’s attack has already hurt him.

Note 1: Cannot be used at the same time as Rabbit Reflexes (has to be either this or that).
Note 2: Useless if one has Eternal Vigilance or Environmental Awareness since both make him unable to be ever caught by surprise)

Fast Learner:

Roll: (none)
Cost: (none)

Cuts experience points in half (rounding down) when purchasing dots in these abilities: Academics, Medicine, Occult, Politics, or Science.

Note: If the one with this knack is being taught in one of those abilities by someone with the Teaching Prodigy knack then both bonuses apply (meaning the experience point cost is divided by half twice (each time the cost is rounded down))…

Scion: Hero pg. 135

Gods’ Honest:

Cost: 1 Legend
Roll: None

The character while he tries to convince someone of something that he makes some sort of actoin or sign that indicates that he is telling the truth. Spend a point of leegend. The would-be mark thinks that the scion is telling the truth on the subject and no questions are asked. For this to be disproved, solid and incontrovertible proof that shows that the scion said is false will be needed to convince the mark that he has been fooled. The mark has to be convinced that the evidence is not some clever forgery.

Hurl to the Horizon

Cost and Roll: None

Doubles the distance that she can throw something as a feat of strength. It doubles the range of a normal thrown item after calculating the standard increase in Range granted for having Epic Strength. It doesn’t make the Scion better able to see or hit a target. It doesn’t give extra damage to an attack caused by a thrown weapon.


Cost: None
Roll: None

Has a wide range of knowledge and is educated in a wide variety of subjects. The player has to keep an ear out for obscure trivia to work into the character’s dialogue.

Monkey Climber

Cost and Roll: None

A scion with this knack can climb a distance equal to his move action on a successful climbing roll. If she has at least one hand on the surface that she’s climbing, she can take a second action at the same time while still moving along the climbing surface. Cannot dash while climbing but can still get the bonus to her movement granted by her Epic Dexterity.


Roll: ?
Cost: ?

The Scion has two right hands (Note: or in Hakon’s case, two left hands (left being the dominated one)). Suffers no penalties when trying to manipulate an object with his tongue or his toes while using some other contorted body part, the Scion suffers only half the usual penalties (rounded down) for the awkwardness of the situation. Cannot do something physically impossible still, though just about any amount of wiggle room is sufficient for the Scion to manipulate objects in surprising ways.

Overt Order

Cost: 1 Willpower

Scion gives a command to a target and the target must obey. The command has to be one that he can give and the victim must be able to perform in a single action. The victim can interpret the command loosely to make it not suicidal. The person still has to do something as he cannot avoid following the command.

Perfect Memory:
Cost: None
Roll: None

Eidetic Memory

Ricochet Symphony

Roll: None
Cost: 1 legend point

Can cause a thrown object to bounce off walls and other things equal to his epic dexterity dots. Each ricochet negates one DV bonus that comes from cover or a shield.

Solipsistic Well-Being

Cost: 1 Legend point and 1 Willpower
Roll (?): None

If the Scion isn’t aware of something then that something is imaginary (doesn’t exist). This knack applies to damage that surprises the Scion. It is only for a single attack that the Scion doesn’t see, hear, or otherwise perceive coming. The user of this knack spends a point of legend and a point of willpower to completely ignore it as if it never happened (no damage suffered from attack). Attack does happen and the ammunition is spent, the attacker may hold a bloody knife in his hand, but no damage is done). Can only be done once per scene…

Spatial Attunement

Roll: (None)
Cost: (None?)

The scion is very much aware of his surroundings and so his other senses can compensate for his sense of sight. The scion will be able to recognize the distance between him and someone else is by hearing the sounds of that person. He will be able to tell who the person sneaking up on him is by smelling that person’s unique scent. He can, with one quick glance, tell where all the walls, every piece of furniture, and what else is in the room. After he does this, he can navigate around the room without bumping into anyone. He won’t suffer any penalities while fighting blind as long as he can hear or smell his opponents and sort of has a 360-degree arc that he can sense in.

Star Pupil
No cost, no roll…

Notes: Basically the better student…
Can halve the cost of these abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Craft, Control, Investigation, Lerceny, Marksmanship, melee, and survival and thrown at the reduced experienced cost….

Note: Teacher Prodigy knack helps by reducing that by half again…

Takes One To Know One:

Cost: None
Roll: None

Liars and tricksters know other tricksters and liars. Scions with this knack and are up against someone running a scam will know the sort of person that they’re dealing with. The Scion automatically knows of the deception if the Scion hears the person knowingly lies. Knack doesn’t reveal the actual truth. Needs to be in a language that the Scion understands and cannot be some text written by someone who knows it’s false.

Telescopic Senses

The Scion’s Epic Perception allows him to be able to see further, hear further, and smell things further away than mortal senses do. The knack makes it so that the scion perceives them as if he was right in front of them. If he’s within hearing range of how far someone’s voice goes then he can follow the conversation quite clearly. The Scion can see a sniper far off in the distance and also recognize him, count the notches on his rifle. If the wind brings a distant scent of something then he can smell it and also tell what kind of smell it is. The example would be a campfire or a person who hasn’t taken a bath.

Dead Eye Gunman
Cost: 1 legend point
Roll: Adds to damage roll….

Whenever a character with this knack makes an attack with a firearm, he may reflexively spend a point of legend to activate it. If the attack hits, the character adds the automatic successes of his epic perception rating to damage with firearms.


Fire Immunity (1):

Cost: None
Roll: None

This person is immune to fire and won’t suffer aggravated damage from fire. Intense heat will just feel like a comforting warmth. He’s protected by smoke inhalation. This knack doesn’t protect what is on his body except for what channels this boon. It remains constantly in effect regardless of what might be burning around him including substance. It costs nothing.

Hornet’s Nest (2):

Cost: None
Roll (Intelligence + Awareness): 7 (+2)

If successful then the ST should reveal (after determining) what the character can do to cause the most chaos in a scene or defuse the chaos inherent in a situation. It is in general terms. The revelation should be simple. Storyteller doesn’t explain how. ST only explains which action will lead to which outcome.

Demand A Labor (3):

Cost: 1 legend + fatebinding
Roll (Manipulation + Presence): 5 (+9)

Scion/caster demands that a person performs some task (the task is called a labor (or even a geas)) for him. Until the target does the task, the target is not whole. He canont spend willpower points on any action except the ones that aids him in completion of the task. The difficulty of the casting is determined by the type of labor requested. Caster cannot demand a labor that has a difficulty higher than half of his willpower score.

The Unlidded Eye (1):

Cost: 1 Willpower
Roll (Perception + Occult): 8 (+7)(Huginn 5, familiar)
Allows User: TO see Magic and Supernatural powers that are normally visible to mortal sight. It also can faintly reveal the threads of fate that entwine people, revealing strong or thick threads. It thus allows the caster to determine a Scion’s or other supernatural being’s legend score.

Traitor’s Toast (1)

Cost: 1 Legend, 1 lethal health level
Roll (Wits + Art): 3 (+7) (see reason above and Huginn)

Animal Communication:

Cost: None
Roll (Intelligence + Animal Ken): 6 (+2)

- Can talk to animals
- Doesn’t make animals smart, calm, or loyal
- Makes them curious (hear the Scion out before defaulting to something else (aggression, panic, or something else)

Subtle Knife

Cost: 1 legend per item
Roll (Manipulation + Larceny): 8 (+4)

Notes on it:
- Scion concentrates on item (touches or carries) and it becomes unobtrusive.
- If one doesn’t manipulate item in an obvious fashion, then any other creature will ignore its existence.
- Object must be small enough to hold in one hand or conceal under a jacket.
- Object used in obvious fashion by user will make it apparent to everyone what it really is.
- Concealment lasts a scene (spend a point of willpower to extend to the next scene)
- Item hidden by power (neither invisible nor transparent).
- If an object is placed in a way that a person could see it then the object becomes immediately visible. While, the minds of any potential observer will ignore and rationalize small inconsistencies
- Observers with a Legend score pit their (Perception + Awareness) against the hiding Scion’s (Manipulation + Stealth).
– Scion player (who is using this power) scores more net successes than his item remains hidden.
– If he doesn’t then it is spotted.
- Multiple items can be hidden by this power (at the cost of paying one legend point per item (and some sort of viewing test against each one separately)
- It can conceal living creatures but they have to be small enough to fit under a person’s jacket.
- The Scion does not need to stuff any animla or any orjbect under his jacket to hide it—using this boon hides the object even if he’s holding it in his hand or it’s sitting on his shoulder.

Shadow Step (Darkness 4):

Roll: None
Cost: 1 Legend point

The scion can step into one shadow and emerge instantly from any shadow within his line of sight and doesn’t interrupt the scion’s actions. The user can draw something and walk backward into one shadow then instantly emerge from a shadow somewhere else and fire or use his weapon just as early as if he made his normal move action before firing. The catch is that the scion must move into shadows that are large enough to accommodate his entire body.


General History

Hakon Erickson was the child of Loki and Anni, a mortal woman. Loki met her during one of his trips down to earth to see if he could stir up some trouble amongst the people there. He saw her there and convinced her to come with him. It was after their night together that he left her for good. She was told to basically raise the child on her own. Hakon lived an almost dull life. Hakon got a giant Raven during this time named Huginn though the giant raven disappeared for most of the year doing who knows what. It appeared from time to time but never staying for more than a few days. It stared at him during this whole time . Hakon had never met any creature like this and it seemed like it wanted to say something but he couldn’t understand it at all. It also seemed like there was someone else staring at him through the eyes of the raven.

He was finally kicked out of the house by his mom’s new boyfriend when he was at the age of 15. He roamed around until he was adopted again by a single mom. He was taught by his adoptive foster mom to be an assassin. She did so because she wanted a successor to her work. This adoptive parent was pretty snarky and rarely cared if Hakon got hurt during any training that he underwent. The foster parent didn’t even care if he got sick or take care of him. He was just supposed to live his life through everything. She put him through hell and back in the training. Some days he was so bruised that he couldn’t move but he just had to continue onward without rest. He was given some free days during the year.

These “free days” came after a successful mission. He, often went into town, and was friends with most of the people there. They taught him a thing or two about simple things that he can do with wood and simple illusion tricks. He learned by watching them but never did very much with them. He can barely do anything with them. If he failed a mission then he was to be going under more brutal conditions while training. His adoptive mother taught him at home about certain subjects from what she knew. She had a job of a teacher during most of her day and then the rest of the time, if she had extra time then she would take on her assassin job. He watched his master swing a couple of blades appropriate to the assassin trade and kept note of how they were used. This way he gained a tiny bit of knowledge of how to use a blade but not how to actually master it. He learned how to cover up his tracks and how to leave little evidence behind but he’s not all that great at it yet.

He seems to like to just kill and leave as long as he leaves no evidence behind. It was during one of his free days after causing a bunch of ruckus (He manipulated a group of people to start set alight the buildings in a quaint little town. It was during this that he took out his targets (that he noticed but didn’t know that they were his next targets to kill, until later) before they could escape from him. Huginn, his raven, settled down in front of him and it was then that he had his visitation (see Visitation) from his parent. The visitation mostly was of his divine parent speaking to him through the raven.

Hakon, after that, went on a trip to steal some god-nails (See Adventuring into The Temple Depths Section) from some sacred places related to The Pantheon that he’s a Scion of. He steals them with as much care as possible and almost gets caught twice and actually gets caught on the last one but carefully manipulates the situation and gets what he wants out while leaving behind a fake one for them. It was after this that he went out into the wilds for awhile to avoid any pursuit.

He, eventually, runs into a young fenrir (See Young Fenrir Fight Section) and barely kills it. He had to fire at it at close range while having several scratches on both arms, a bloody cut on the left, and a gaping wound on the right arm. He was barely saved by some person who came by. He took out the young Fenrir fangs and puts it on his necklace. He leaves again and goes to who knows where and to find the raven that kept on following him. He did a lot of traveling into the wilderness and so picked up quite a few tricks for survival.

Individual Parts of His Life

Early Life

He was raised in a single story house by his mother, Anni (not same last name as Hakon), and his stepfather, Alano (same last name as Anni). They did, however, feed him when he was a baby and that lasted until he was at the age of 6. He was never really given very much and was for the much part ignored by his parents after the age of 6. They hoped that he would just up and die but he somehow survived. The only explanation for this was a distant sound of something pecking at the glass.

The parent and stepparent didn’t really check in on this. He was pulled along to places where he could play at and then left there by the parents. He didn’t seem to mind and found friends along the way. These friends didn’t last long as they were sort of freaked out by Hakon and his tendencies. Only a few friends really stayed close to him. Yet, he seemed to ignore these friends for the most part except when he wants to assure them that he was still friends with them.

His life passed on like this until the age of 15 when he was uprooted from where he lived at for fifteen years. The home was at the same time, burned to the ground, and no one could figure out how it was done. The young teenager was still very much off the hook even when blamed since he told his case and how he saw someone else do it to the police. He, even left a few things to implicate said person(s) in the crime, and so left. It was later reported that his mother and stepfather died in that fire though cause of death was uncertain. He went on with the very few words that his mother left to him before she was uncaring of him. His parents (one stepparent) were rather poor.

(“Live on and prosper, my son.”)

Life of an Assassin

He was put into an orphanage after he was found by the authorities but wasn’t there for long when he was adopted immediately by a relatively young women in a cloak bearing on its hood, and adorned on the cloak was the signia of Loki (though whether or not, this lady was a follower of Loki was undetermined), and was brought into a luxurious home in the nicest part of the city and with a backdoor in an ally. He was brought into the basement and Sonja smiled at him. “I adopted you, not because I wanted someone to call my own, but for an apprentice who would take up my line of work when I’m too old to continue” she explained to him firmly. “Don’t forget that. It’s here where your hard and painful training begins.”

He learned that this lady went by the name of Sonja Erickson and his last name was changed to match hers. He very much grew up liking the lady that took care of him. He was very considerate with following her requests as she was beautiful and also for the sad fact that she couldn’t have children of her own. He pretty much liked being Sonja’s son except for the training that she put him through. It was hard and painful like she said. Hakon grew stronger and because of the training and all the hell that he went through with his uncaring mother, he had become much more efficient in his job. She taught him a range of subjects and all of them were for the assassination of others that deserved it. She taught him to take up jobs that while may not pay high, would help get rid of the corrupt people of the world.

It was with that he went on his first job. Sonja had gotten him a regular motorcycle to use. He would kill one of the local law enforcement in a nearby town. The particular target was as corrupt as one as could be taking bribes and much more. He was high up in law enforcement and usually had other lower-ranking police officers with him. He took this guy down with relative ease and left no traces that he killed the guy. He used his Winchester Rifle (with a silencer) to take out the man.

This assassination left the two others completely confused but they chalked it up to some sort of criminal gang situated within the town. He left and soon returned to his teacher’s side where he was awarded with most of the cash gained from the award. It was with this handing of the cash money that he learned that most jobs that his master took were paid well in advance. He took job after job when he could do so between training. He didn’t always succeed but he was always able to escape before being spotted.

The training grew difficult and he would have to navigate a room filled with multiple things used for security. This was anything from security cameras to deadly traps that he would have to navigate. He learned how to break open doors and shut off security in the simplest manner possible. He wasn’t exactly good at it and so left that mostly alone and kept to avoiding detection. He wouldn’t harm the security guards unless he had to get them out of the way. Sonja set up mock situations where he would have to deal with multiple security measures at the same time. This was done to test his thinking skills and learn his limits. He didn’t succeed at first due to his thoughts that he could have it done in a heartbeat He did succeed after failing at it so many times and it was only after he learned the tricks to avoid detection that he succeeded. He learned quicker to avoid detection and to get through most security measures. He had already decided that he wouldn’t use them for thieving or any of that. It was just despicable.

The years went by as he trained, took jobs while Sonja Erickson was out, and even did some of the chores around the house. He wasn’t allowed into some of the rooms of the house by Sonja and he obeyed her. He had no intention of finding out about those rooms. They were not important to him. He became quite good. The following year when he would turn twenty, that was when he would go out on his own, into the world. He had already acquired his monetary needs and that was pretty much it. He still came to visit her to train and acquire jobs when he couldn’t find any on his own. It was during his last job from her that he got the notice of Loki.

Blazing Inferno

He was sitting at a table in a local restaurant within a small town (far from both his mother’s place and where he currently lived at), enjoying a cup of hot cocoa, and looking out the window to enjoy the view, not. At his side, was what appeared to be a cello case. He was waiting for his food to come. He noticed a bit of activity going on at the front of a local tavern. This was nothing of concern to him. He was here on a vacation from work. Yet, something told him that he should still keep alert and ready. His food was brought to him and dug in. He was supposed to treat himself nicely for a job well done and so he did. No fear for his life in awhile. The activity outside the local tavern turned to the ugly side and suddenly had an idea to the solution, which was weird since he usually thought things through before coming up with one.

He finished up his meal, paid the bill, gathered his stuff, and walked outside. He saw two men standing there arguing with each other. He grinned and headed over there to them. They were deep in their argument and Hakon knew that they were close to blows. They didn’t see him approach. He stood there, totally unnoticed by the two, with a smirk on his face. He said a few words to one of the arguers and then left as the two broke out into a fight. It soon involved more people getting in on the action due to ill-aimed punches and more. He walked up to his parked motorcycle that was parked at the restaurant. He got what he had on hand to set a building on fire and went over to one of the buildings. He needed one that was close to some of the other buildings. He got the preparations out of the way as he was going to set fire to an older house, what appeared to be an abandoned one.

He walked away and after a bit of time had passed, found himself on top of a building. He looked at the house and then at the people there. They had moved while they were fighting. He put the case on his back down and he snapped open the locks. He opened the case quietly. The inside of the case held parts of a rifle. He assembled the rifle with very clumsy precision but eventually got it down. He laid down against the edge and set the rifle down. He took out a pair of binoculars and looked through them. He zoomed in more on a certain spot of the two fighting man’s coats to see that there was a small bulge there in the pocket, a lighter. He chuckled to himself quietly as he watched the fight proceed closer. Hakon knew that he was having a lucky streak or that fate was going his way on this day in question. It was when they were over a part of the gasoline on the ground, that the one with the lighter slipped on the wet surface, the lighter fell out of his pocket, hit the ground and then bounced.

It bounced again before snapping open and it lit up with a small flame. The small flame made contact with the gasoline and it caught on fire, the flames went straight for the house. The two fighting stopped and started panicking and as did the others. They stopped and started moving away as the flames spread quickly. Hakon kept on looking at the burning buildings to see people inside. He zoomed in on an open window where he could see someone there. He saw a man dressed in plain business suit along with another one. He sort of recognized them but what better time than any to kill them if they were targets for a future job. He took out his rifle and attached the silencer to it. He carefully aimed the rifle as the two moved as the fire reached the upper floor of the house that they were in. Two shots, two deaths, and two bullets spent was the count there. The fire would hopefully mess up the evidence. He took his time to get down after packing up his rifle and slinging its case against his back.

He found his way over to his motorcycle and drove off from the restaurant as the fire department arrived at the old home. He found himself out on the open road in the wilderness. He was sent off-road when something hit against his motorcycle. He looked up to see a familiar raven there and it was trying to lead him somewhere. He tried to shoo the raven away by shooting at it but it dodged the bullets. It was with a frustrated sigh that he decided to follow the raven, a bit reluctantly.


It was on that “said” day that Huginn settled down in front of him. The Raven caws at him twice and then pecks at him until he moves away into a cave of sorts. It was with this that once he was inside the cave that he sees the eyes change a little bit to make them even freakier and sees an inner-flame within those eyes. It was with this that an illusion was cast around the area to stop anyone else from heading there. The raven starts speaking and Hakon was surprised by the sudden fact that the Raven was speaking. He was suspicious a little bit and doubted that his raven could speak to him. It was only after it started speaking again and said something about that it was Loki that he realized that this was no joke. Loki spoke to him saying that he was impressed by the way that Hakon caused a whole bunch of ruckus in that quaint little town and killed his targets with efficiency and confusing the hell out of people after starting the fire.

He says something about how Odin is irritated at him for naming the Raven, Huginn but tells him that name was Loki’s idea. Loki had given that name to the raven to mess with Odin (though Odin might or might not know this). Loki then sends him off to steal some god-nails from several temples as a test to see whether or not Hakon was worthy enough to garner the slightest of interest from him (Loki).

Adventuring into The Temple’s Depths

Short Summary:

It was during this time that he acquired four Reginnaglar from different temples of the Aesir but this will only include the last and most dangerous one. This adventure happened after his visitation but sometime before his fight with a Young Fenrir.

The sun was about to set when Hakon came down on the other side of the mountain. He stopped as he sees the last place that he would have to go to. He didn’t really care what country he was in as of this moment. It was just another insignificant thing to actually remember at this time. He had three of the four Reginnaglar that he was sent to acquire but he knew those were the easier ones to acquire. Loki isn’t going to gift-wrap them and hand those god-nails to him and so he had to get them through his own means. The last three temples, he had nearly been caught in two of those places, by being foolish in thinking that they wouldn’t see him at that moment, and so he takes off again. He shuddered at the thought of what they might have done to him if he was caught in those temples taking those god-nails. He knew that these nails were sacred and so took them carefully. He came closer to the temple and almost immediately hid beneath cover as he saw a couple of monks walk by. He started moving from cover from cover as he tried his best not to be seen.

Hakon wasn’t going to kill these monks but he would have to knock them out if they got his way. He arrived at the temple’s doors to see the doors open, the monks walking inside, and then the doors slamming shut behind them. He had seen something there but he had to get inside. Hakon shivered as he reminds himself that he should get inside soon. He wasn’t wearing heavy clothes. He did bring a coat of some sort along to at least have some warmth. He quickly moves from his cover and into the shadows near to the entrance of the temple. He watched and waited for a few seconds before going to the doors and opening them. He slipped inside and closed the doors as silently as possible. No point in getting any unnecessary attention, he thought to himself.

He moved slowly from place to place always checking his surroundings for anyone coming that might see him. It was after this whole “sneak n’ hide” venture that he eventually came to the lower floors of the temple and closer to his goal. There was a time when he would have taken the easy way out but that wouldn’t get Loki interested in him. He learned from the last three temples that this was a test of his skills. He slowly inched his way around one of the walls and looks around the corner and then looked the other way. There were no monks here. He was in the clear.

He took off again as he moved much faster than before. He stopped almost immediately as he heard voices and it sounded like that they were coming closer to him. He moved quietly into an adjacent passage way and kept on moving until he could hide safely without anyone finding him. Hakon found himself lost more than once down here and had to backtrack several times just to be in familiar corridors and hallways. It was only after doing this for several hours that he found himself at the room that he wanted to be in. He saw all the pillars here and quickly looked up to see the one that he wanted to grab. It was at the very end but luckily no one else was here. He reached into one of his pockets and fingered a finely-made fake Reginnaglar that he had bought off of someone with some of his spare money.

He took off his hand of it and walked across the room taking in the expansiveness of the room. He may have not been very knowledgeable with architecture but he was certainly impressed by some of the designs that he saw. He couldn’t name the designs but he could still guess that it takes a lot of work. He focused back on the nail in the pillar, directly ahead of him. His footsteps were the only ones echoing in this room. He stopped as he reached the pillar and looked up. He jumped up onto the wall and then kicked off of it as he jumped towards the pillar. He jumped this way several times until he was above the god-nail’s position in the pillar itself. He jumped again and this time stuck his dagger into the pillar. He hanged there as he had his feet pressed against the pillar like if he was against a tree.

He held onto his knife and onto the pillar. He looked around and saw no one in the room with him. He listened and heard no sounds of footsteps or voices. He started pulling out the reginnaglar bit-by-bit as it was tightly wedged into the pillar. It took a few minutes of pulling and wiggling the nail until it finally popped out and he held it into his hand. He dropped down after digging his knife out. He dropped down onto the floor after kicking off the wall and the pillar a few times to get back down again. He slipped his recently acquired item into a pocket when a couple of armed guards came in. He was quickly sighted and captured by them. He was brought before the monks and was told to give the nail back. Hakon gave them the fake one.

They didn’t know what it was a fake one. If he could have grinned at this moment then he would have. The guards threw him back outside into the cold and he finally burst out in a grin before scurrying off into the wilderness before anyone figured out that it was a fake. He was finally done with Loki’s test of him.

Hakon vs. Young Fenrir

Short Summary:

He, eventually, runs into a young fenrir and barely kills it. He had to fire at it at close range (while only using his gun since he didn’t bring a knife with him) while having several scratches on both arms, a bloody cut on the left, and a gaping wound on the right arm. He was barely saved by some person who came by. He took out the young Fenrir fangs and puts it on his necklace. He leaves again and goes to who knows where…

It was on his venture into the unknown wilds that he met another scion. This scion tells Hakon that there was a beast chasing him and it had killed the other members of his group. Hakon stays there and the scion tells him to run before the beast comes upon them. Hakon inquires about what the beast is exactly and the other scion says that it is one of the offspring of Fenrir. It was with this that the scion fled. The beast showed up seconds later and quickly changed its target to the non-moving prey. It hoped to finish off the scion in one blow but Hakon barely rolled out of the way. The two combatants circled each other warily waiting for the other one to strike. Hakon acted first by whipping out his glock and firing off a couple of bullets. The wolf noticed the gun and avoided being shot. Apparently, it had fought with guys with guns before. The wolf hit Hakon several times with its claws as he avoided being bit by it.

It was after having his arms quite scratched up that the young fenrir bit down on his right arm and tried to tear it off but Hakon quickly fired off a shot at the fenrir causing it to back off and release its hold on Hakon’s arm. The arm that the wolf bit down on wasn’t going to be of much use in the fight. He takes his time as he fights the beast off again and again, though not scoring any blows after his first one, until he decides to risk it all. He goads the creatures into lunging at him. He receives a few bloody cuts while he does this. He succeeds finally and the beast lunges for his throat. Hakon brings up his right arm again, the wolf bites down on it, and he finds himself shoved to the ground. He cringed as the wolf bites down even harder on his arm. Hakon while enduring the pain fires off several shots into the young fenrir’s head, killing it.

The wolf-creature falls down upon him. The beast was rather heavy and it took a few tries before Hakon could finally get out from being trapped. It was with this that he was utterly spent, tired, and ragged. He needed to rest. He tore out the fangs of the young fenrir and put them in a small bag that he was carrying the rest of his stuff in. He knew that he was badly hurt with his bleeding arm and all.

He tore off a bit of his clothes to help staunch the bleeding but fails. He would have died except that another person came along and bandaged him up. Huginn, his raven, had gone on its own to get help for him. It was once he was all bandaged up that he learned the name of the person that had saved his life. The person was impressed that he had slain the offspring of the terrible fenrir. He thanked the person for saving his life and walked off to the nearest settlement to get some real treatment. It was with that he thought about how the scion ran into him. It couldn’t have been by chance, he thought to himself. Someone else other than Loki might have taken an interest in him.

Hakon and the Trust of Huginn the Giant Raven

It was a long time after he had acquired the last god-nail from the last temple that Hakon decided it was about time to gain the last birthright of his. The giant raven that was ironically named after one of Odin’s pet and he had learned that from Loki. Hakon didn’t know why he had named the raven that and found it amusing that Loki had named the bird by the same name. They both had probably irritated Odin. He laughed a little at the thought of the all-father being bothered by someone else naming the raven after one of Odin’s news gatherers. Yet, it was time to get serious. He had been tracking the giant raven for quite some time, traveling across the countries on the long-distance one of his two motorcycles. He had traveled to all the Spanish speaking countries in Europe. He had already been through Finland more than once. He had been in Russia. He had gone through some English speaking countries and yet he couldn’t find the darned raven. It was only after that he stopped in a country whose main language that he didn’t speak that he had found the raven.

It was watching the people moving down below from one of the rooftops. Hakon had parked his motorcycle back out in the wilderness as he didn’t want to be bothered with driving it into the bustling town. He failed at first trying to ask the people here some questions but eventually found one that could answer him. Hakon recognized that this man had a slight accent when he was speaking Spanish but he couldn’t tell from where. They talked for a little bit and the guy gets around to mentioning the raven. It had been there for about two weeks and it was beginning to bother the people in the town by what it did. It was gone for bits of time but it always returned here. Hakon said something about how he would take care of the raven. The man thanked him and walked off. It was now time to get to the rooftops. He looked at the building that the raven was on to see that it had an old set of fire-escape stairs connected to the building. He jumped up, catching onto the railing, and flipped over onto the bars that made up the floor. He made his way to the highest point that he could with this building and jumped up from his position, catching hold of the edge, and pulling himself over.

He saw the giant raven shift its head to the side and one beady black eye was staring at him. It cawed once as he got closer. It flew off of the building and Hakon quickly followed though not without some problems in the way. He did his best at jumping from building to building while the giant raven kept on flying away. It was much faster than he was. It finally settled down on a point that he couldn’t jump to without significantly risking his life by doing so. He paced back and forth as he eyed the distanced between the two buildings. He couldn’t see a way to get across and so gave up. He jumped down from the building using several outlying bricks on the wall to use to jump down from. He would have to find some kind of rope and a hook so that he could go across. He had luckily found a shop that sells ropes with hooks on the end and he lied about using it for climbing gear.

He got back to where he was before and had to retry several times before he finally tossed the heavy rope across and the hook landed on the other roof and hooked onto the tiny raised up portion of the next roof. He secures it around something on his side until it is not loose any more. He walks slowly across the rope. He was almost across when a fierce wind blew and he lost his footing. He barely caught himself and moved across the rope with his hands. He got across and landed on top of the building. The Raven flew off once again as he got close to it again. Huginn leads him into the wilderness. It was still the afternoon and he had a good night sleep before this. He followed the raven constantly trying to keep up and catching up every so often for the raven to keep flying away.

He didn’t have very many skills but he somehow managed it again but barely. It is night time and he is set upon by some wild animals. He had multiple bite wounds across his arms as he fought for his life. He ended up killing the animals and moved on. He messily patched himself up with what stuff that he had with him to staunch some of the bleeding. He was going to get mauled when he was down by another wild animal when the Raven shot down from the sky and rammed its beak into the beast’s back. The raven tore savagely into the beast.

It tried to fight against this new foe but the raven was too speedy for it to hit and so it died after a few minutes. The raptor started tearing away at the corpse with an extreme fervor. It tore away the meat and gulped it down fast without really stopping. Hakon watched half-horrified and half-amused at how the giant raven was eating. It had one eye facing him and it simultaneously winked at him. It was after the raven had its fill that it stared at him directly. It noticed his wounds and left again. This time it brought with it another scion, apparently it always ran into one of them, and so forth. The scion healed his wounds and then went on his way. The raven cawed once at him and so he followed the raven to wherever it was going to lead him next.

Later Adventures

He was told by his divine parent that he was to go and be a part of the security detail in Las Vegas. He was already in America because he had completed a job here and Loki wouldn’t have given anything to him to speed him along. Hakon rode his motorcycle down into Las Vegas where he eventually came to a greasy diner, The Greasy Spoon, and he went inside. He was told to go here first for some reason and he wouldn’t question Loki’s reasons. He looked around when he spotted an Asian woman. He introduced himself and the lady spoke in a strange tongue that he couldn’t understand. He sat down and soon some others came in. Alexander and some detective named Guo sat directly across from him. It was with this that he and the other three were met by a strange man named Leo. Leo gave them each an item that would show others which pantheon they were a part of. Questions were asked and answers were told. He was supposed to go with these others to help in the protection detail. He didn’t trust these guys very much except for the guy from the Greek pantheon.

Hakon, while he was with the other Scions in the Wynn (a hotel in Las Vegas), went to the conference room where the gods were stationed at. Loki saw that he had a young fenrir’s fang on him and asked if he could see it. Hakon gives it to him. It was when they were about leave when Loki gives the fang back to him. It had been blessed with the Animal (Raven) purview. Hakon takes it. He later gets it put onto a necklace like had done with the Reginnaglar that he had taken from those Nordic temples. The fangs have been infused once more to increase his dodging.

He received a signet ring that would identify him as being with Loki after he had completed the task of getting a briefcase for Loki. It was only after he explained that he was a lone-wolf guy that Loki gave it to him. This ring was blessed with the purview of darkness on it. It would fit in with the rest of Hakon’s stuff. Hakon’s loyalty is pretty questionable being the lone wolf that he is. He sees others as a means to an end except for those that he cares for. Hakon plays a dangerous game that he doesn’t know if he is winning or losing but hopes that he is indeed winning. This ring has been infused with even more power and as such is connected to Huginn.

Note: Check up on adventure logs for further information on his adventures until I post them up in more of a one person view for this one here.

But for now…

Setting Aside His Main Job.

This from now on will be first person. The first part of this is a journal.

I arrived at Ms., no Mrs. Erickson’s place of residence in the evening. I learned from my talking to her on the phone that I missed her wedding. I had entirely forgotten about it. I was on important business and couldn’t tell her much of anything. She wanted to know about who the gentlemen was beside me and I told her that this was my cousin from back over in the states. She raised her eyebrow at this but didn’t say anything. She had detected my lie. She could always read me like a book. Nothing was too well hidden from her. Her husband was a nice chap and Sonja had given up on her days as an assassin to settle down. I would miss her but that was another matter. She allowed me to train like in the old days and her husband kept track of me. He seemed to be wondering why his wife had kept me around. Huginn kept being near me while I was there. It was after I had trained and stayed a few days that I moved on. I would be heading back to my place of residence. I took my motorcycle out for a spin and went out to acquire a new knife to replace the one that I had lost in America.

Luckily, I was still wearing gloves so no prints would be found on that weapon. I was back out in the country with my raven, in his natural form, following closely behind me. I still had that pin on me that Leo gave me. I still had the note and the two feathers. I still had the manilla envelop. It was while I was out in the wilderness that I was reminded of my adventure in Las Vegas with the band. The band that was composed of a detective that I thought was too nosy for his own good, a guy great with computers and good with reading and remembering everything about what he read, and then the lady who was the only healer in our band. They were all probably doing all right. No need to worry about them since they were just tools. Apparently, Huginn had gotten a small star shaped burn on his wing, somehow turning that part of it white. Not sure…wait, it was when that guy knocked him out of the sky with lightning. I noticed that the raven was quite silent for the moment.

I made idle chit-chat with it as our conversation grew into one about the weather and no more lightning storms for either of us. I agreed with him and then chuckled. It took us several days of travel, getting gas, and all that before I arrived at my current place of residence. I headed up towards the bedroom, fell down on my bed, and went to sleep. Crazy adventures can be pretty “taxing” when you think about them. It was exciting and I met new faces, traveled to America, and met a lady who turned out to be my niece, the daughter of Hel. She didn’t tell me her name. She affected me with her powers. I could have killed one of my companions. My companions proved useful but I think one of them might be a little paranoid. Now that would have been bad. Loki hadn’t contacted me yet but he would whenever he needed me to do something. I went against some of my pantheon’s virtues. I’m supposed to follow my stronger virtues but I’ve been turning my back on those virtues when I want to. I’m a hypocrite since I both go with my virtues and go against them. Not that it matters.

I looked down at the journal entry that I had written and knew that I could have written more there but I didn’t really feel like it. I grabbed an apple from the basket and took a bite out of the red fruit. My morning routines were always like this. I got up, took out my journal, got something to eat, wrote in my journal, and then ate what I got to eat. I took another bite out of the apple as I closed the journal. I opened up my cellphone and turned it on. There were several messages on it. I had put my pin away for the time being. I didn’t lose it. It wasn’t necessary. I kept all of my relics in a safe along with any other important items that I had. I kept my work tools in a different section of the house and out of plain sight. I was shaken out of my deep thinking phase by a loud knock on the door. I got up quickly as I let out a sigh. I didn’t like being disturbed this early in the morning. I arrived at the front door and looked out of the little hole that I had there. It was a man dressed warmly for the weather. I opened up the door.

The man looked at me and husky voice, “Can I come in and rest by your fireplace, Lokison? It’s so dreadfully cold and I won’t be here for more than a day.”

I looked at him strangely as I tried to remember what Loki told me about what the other gods typically took for appearances in the mortal realm. It was quite the detailed list though he might have been lying to me about a few of the appearances. I couldn’t quite remember.

“Sure. Come right in” I replied kindly. “Take a seat by the fireplace and I’ll get one started soon.”

He briskly walked by me as I moved to the side. I looked outside just to check if any other travelers were coming but to find no one else outside. I lived in a house that was out on the countryside. I had my way of traveling to and fro from the house and I wasn’t too far from the city. I looked up at the sky to see that it was barely light out. I closed the door behind me and got the needed supplies. It was when I was passing the living room that I checked up on my guest to see that he was sitting there waiting. I went out to the back and picked up a few logs.

I came back in and placed them in the fireplace and getting a couple of old newspapers to go beneath. I took out a match from the matchbox and struck it against the side. I moved the lit flame on the end of the match close to the newspapers, until the edge of one newspaper caught on fire. I quickly withdrew my hand and blew out the flame before also tossing that into the fire. It was after a few minutes that the fire had started and I was in seat opposite of my guest. I stared at his face pensively as I tried to guess who he was. He chuckled a little as he knew what I was trying to do. It was at this moment that Huginn, in his human form decided to enter, fully covered in a black cloak with the hood over his head. He sat down on a third seat that he had pulled up, himself. I watched as Huginn gestured at my guest with a hand.

“Am I intruding?” Huginn asked with a raspy voice.

I looked at him before replying, “Not at all.” I turned towards my guest to see he had scooted himself closer to the fire. He had his hands stretched out to the fire as if to warm them. I looked at the hands carefully before turning to look at my guest’s face.

“Are you by any chance, hungry or thirsty?” I asked my guest and he nodded. “What would you like?”

“Whatever you have is fine.”

“Sure. I’ll just throw something quickly together then.”

I went out to the kitchen and looked around as Huginn started talking to my guest. I stopped by the pantry and got out a dish and pulled out several mushrooms. I took a few fruit out of the fridge along with some vegetables. I put them all the plate before topping that off with a piece of pastry that still was relatively fresh. No mold. I finally got a bottle of beer out, nice and cold. I took these out to the living room and put them out on a small glass table, situated half-way between the two opposing chairs.

“Give your name, guest” the disguised raven told my guest coldly.

“Uller” my guest replied and I stared at him in shock. I must be slow-witted to not realize who this guy was. I took a closer look at him and saw that he was lean and well-muscled underneath the clothes that he had to keep warm. He didn’t actually have much of the warm clothes as I first thought. He seemed to have a military outfit underneath the warmer clothes but I couldn’t quite tell. It may just be me then. It didn’t seem like it.

“I haven’t seen you in person, Uller” I said in complete honesty. “I have heard bits and pieces about you from Loki. If they’re true or not is what I’m going to find out.”

He accepted the food from me, graciously. He didn’t answer but instead dug into the food keeping a sort of dignity to his eating. I saw him devour the pastry in a few seconds. He opened the bottle of beer and downed all of it in a few seconds. I watched with my mouth opened as he finished the last few bites of the meal that I prepared for him. I gave him what I had of what I could cook up.

“Thanks for the meal and allowing me to be by a warm fire. I didn’t think that someone like the son of Loki would be this generous” Uller remarked scathingly. “Why is that?”

“First I’m being a generous host to a guest that I don’t know too much about. Second, it’s a part of the culture. Third, this is the first time that I’ve seen you” I replied as I counted each reason by touching the fingers of my opposite hand.

“May I perhaps ask a favor of my host?”

“Go ahead.”

“I want to see how good you are at your skill with ranged weapons.”

“I’ll show you a thing or two that I can do with ranged weapons. Makeshift targets can be set up in the back.”

I got out of my seat, to grab my guns and darts (ones that didn’t have poison on them), and soon found myself at the backside of my house with Uller. The makeshift targets were empty boxes that were on top of a stack of boxes. I held my breath as Uller went first. He pulled out his spear and threw it at the closest target. I knew I wasn’t going to beat him as he hit the bulls-eye. I went next as I fired off my glock, hitting the target but found that the hole was on the outer rings. I watched as Uller pulled his spear out of the box before we took to hitting the next closest target. I started the round off and hit closer to the center and Uller hit the bulls-eye mark again. I was like this for the last few times before the last target was hit. We switched to different weapons but it didn’t make too much of a difference. I found myself staring at the last target as Uller stood there smiling. I looked at him.

“Eh, you beat me fair and square” I replied coolly as I twirled a non-poisoned dart in my left hand. "Not that I had a chance of winning. Being the expert of "

He laughed at this and whole-heartily agreed and flashed his killer smile. He patted me on the back.

“Ya did your best. Gave me a bit of a challenge but I’m far more capable” he said as he held up his rifle with relative ease. “Got to be going now.”

I watched as he turned to leave before he paused and took something from beneath his outfit. I held up my hand and shook my head. I spoke quickly, “I’m grateful but I must decline your gift. The only gift that I needed was the experience of doing that shooting range competition with you, Uller. I can catch on pretty quick when I put my mind to it.”

I watched as Uller left with a simple goodbye and something about wishing me good luck at my future ventures. I looked back at Huginn who seemed displeased about something. I didn’t know what he was thinking since he seemed to be keeping awfully quiet these days about what his real thoughts were. I didn’t push him to reveal anything though. I looked back at my house. I had to be leaving soon to Norway.

I had a hunch that I might find more information on the occult side of things there. I went back inside my house with my raven-turned-human companion follow close behind me. I didn’t need very much packed as it was only some extra clothes. I found myself outside my front door after a few minutes and I had locked both the back and front doors. I had of course taken the pin with me along with all of my other items. I thought about my trip and what I wanted. I took one last look at the house before driving off and Huginn following me from his position high up in the sky. I was going to a country that I had never been in before. It would be exciting since I wouldn’t be needing to do my job for awhile. I would get some extra things over there for necessary travel when going out adventuring. I would definitely need some rope. That’s definitely a given.

Note: I’m changing his destination to Norway instead of the Netherlands. Just seemed more appropriate….


I made a short stop to get a cup of hot cocoa as to get something to drink before I left Finland and well I still needed some rope. I took out my cell phone as soon as it started to buzz and looked at the phone number displayed. I had forgotten that I got a new phone but I don’t really have time to think about what I did with any fancy gizmo that I had my hands on. I finally answered it and held it up to my ear.


“Is this, Mr. Erickson speaking?”

“Ya think someone else would be talking on my phone.”

“Sorry, just had to make sure. So, how are you?” The unknown person seemed polite as he had tried his best to be cordial while he was talking

“Get straight to the point or I’m hanging up.” The stranger, on the other end, cleared his throat and then I heard him mutter something under his breath but couldn’t quite catch it. “What’s that?”

“Nothing. Well, we wanted to talk to you about a little proposition.” I was about to answer that when he spoke again. “You cannot talk about this to anyone else. Not even your teacher who took care of you.” That answered my question.

“Who are you and how did you get my number?” The one on the other end paused for a moment and I heard them shuffling through something on the other end.

“We’ve been tracking you. Your efforts, your background, and everything has been recorded down here. Your foster parents are dead and the case is closed. You were picked up by one Sonja Erickson. You had your last name changed by her. Your assassinations are rather clean and you seem to partake in buying things to cement the memories of your kills into your mind. And we know that you’ve been making preparations to leave. It is unimportant how we got your number. We cannot tell you who we are yet. Are you by chance going to Norway?”

“Yeah, so what?” I answered rather annoyed by this person now.

“Good, that’s where we want you to be. You’ll receive the details for your assignment when you arrive there. Have a good day, Mr. Erickson.”

I heard a click on the other end and so I ended the call. I got my rope from a nearby store and then drove off. I had everything that I needed. I didn’t like the person who called me but I just have to place my trust in him. I was off on the road to Norway. Nothing odd happened.

Nicknames: Hakon the Assassin and possible others… (since he’s famous in Finland and several european countries (though never caught or seen, so many of his assassinations have been marked up as something out of myth come real)….


His change to Demi-god has caused him to change very much in appearance causing him to be weird to the others in his group. He still has blue eyes or one blue eye. The other blue eye has changed to a gold color and will glow at different times. His remaining blue eye seems to sometimes flash to a silver color and stays like that for a few minutes. His hair is now black and feels odd for being hair. If one feels his hair, it feels like they are touching feathers.

He hasn’t changed much in skin color and so is still light. He is much more lean and seems much taller than he was before. He is more athletic but this is hardly noticeable and so he can surprise people. He wears clothes suitable to the occasion that he is to take out his targets and make so that he cannot be noticed too much. He pretty much looks normal in situations that he is supposed to be in. He wears a pair of black leather gloves that look expensive. If he’s around the other Scions now, he wears a pair of shades and something to cover his mouth with to stop any sign of emotion from appearing on his face. Age: 27. He is left-handed (not right-handed).

General Information for Hakon:

He may be into breaking into a person’s home, killing the person, and anyone else that he has to kill for the job but he is hesitant and won’t agree readily about stealing things from people. He’s an assassin with some standards for Pete’s sake. He will kill people but most of the time it is only against those people that he is hired to kill. He will kill those who attack him but he will try his best not to kill them. He’s gotten into the good graces of Loki and he won’t readily kill those who are in league with Loki. He will run, try to talk his way out of it, or do nothing when it comes to those followers of Loki. If he has to go against his virtues then he will do so and leave anyone else standing there with a monster that will kill them. If you get on his good side then he’s a useful companion but if you don’t then you’d better watch your back. Don’t turn your back on him. He knows Russian, Finnish, English, and Spanish. He doesn’t really put much emotion into his voice and so he seems much colder than before.

Fatebindings: None

Gods interested in Hakon (for various reasons): Loki, Odin, Thor, …, …

Relationships with others
Character Seen As Info
Divine Relationships Unknown
Loki Distant Father He respects his divine parent more than he did his mortal parent and yet he still has some distrust when it comes around Loki. He doesn’t know what Loki wants from him and so he is always on guard. He knows that the raven was given to him by Loki and so he keeps his wits about him. He won’t harm anything that comes from Loki since he sees Loki as a bigger threat to him than anyone else.
Odin That Guy Never having met with this god, he can only go off of the information given to him by Loki and what others have said. He seems to be okay with this guy even though he doesn’t know what actions this god does.
Thor Crazy Sky Guy He has met a scion of Thor before and it didn’t end too well. He didn’t kill the scion but he left the scion alive. Something about not killing another’s child.
Hel Half-Sibling Doesn’t know about her much except what Loki told him.
??? Unknown
Mortal Relations Unknown
Anni ??? Parent & False Mother Figure The abuse that was caused by her and his stepfather changed his opinion of them. He still has some fond memories with his mother but not of his stepfather. He lives by some of her words to him. Even though she was killed indirectly by his hands.
Alano ??? Stepparent Hated this guy so much since most of the abuse came from this stepfather figure. He set fire to the house that they were living in to kill the stepfather and his mother. The house served as a direct reminder of the pain that he went through during his stay there.
Sonja Erickson True Mother Figure & Teacher He may have thought she was too strict to him before but has grown to like her the most and has feelings for her as a child would for their mother. He tries to do his best around her and learn from her.
??? Unknown
??? Unknown
??? Unknown
??? Unknown
??? Unknown
Band Unknown
Guo Yu Distrustful Authority Figure He may have considered this guy fair but after what he pulled with his powers, Hakon distrusts him entirely. He sees him as someone who would merely hamper the group’s and his progress. He is at an odd end with this guy. Hakon doesn’t hate this guy, he just distrusts him.
Sasaki Ami Trusted Healer He personally doesn’t have anything against this sword-wielding/healer lady but he is sort of unnerved when she does her “cutting” routine. He has nothing against those that can heal others. It is his policy to never harm those that treat the wounds or diseases of others.
Alexander Cross Computer Guy He’s almost perfectly fine with this guy. He doesn’t have any problems with this guy and while he may see this guy as extra baggage at first, that extra baggage has become pretty useful. There’s no need to take this guy out. Hakon still keeps his wits about him when dealing with Alex.

Hákon Erickson

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