Epic Perception Knack - Dead Eye Gunman

Note: Checked this one out…there’s two others that go with it…

Note: It could be modified.

Credit for this one goes to: High Quabalist…


Prerequisites: Spatial Attunement, Telescopic senses.

Description: The scion’s divine senses now allow him to be as one with any gun in his hand. Scion using this knack describe the sensation as the world around them suddenly appearing to slow down, just enough for them to line up that killing shot. Call it bullet time, gun kata or any other name. But the principle is the same, through the lens of epic perception, the scion can perceive exactly where, how and when to shoot his enemies. His legend empowered hands seem to call upon him to have the gaze of death and his hands make gods the godly weapons they will be.

Mechanics: Whenever a character with this knack makes an attack with a firearm, he may reflexively spend a point of legend to activate it. If the attack hits, the character adds the automatic successes of his epic perception rating to damage with firearms.

special: this knack can only be used with firearms

The other two would be: Supernal accuracy, One Shot, One Kill (maybe not two legend points but somewhere in the range of 5 to 15 legend points?.

Epic Perception Knack - Dead Eye Gunman

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