(Creature 5)
Title: The Draconic Protector – Huginn

Huginn (Protector, Familiar, Draconic, Nemean)
Attributes: Strength 8 (Epic 1), Dexterity 7 (Epic 2), Stamina 9 (Epic 3); Charisma 5 (Epic 1), Manipulation 5, Appearance 5(Epic 2); Perception 5, Intelligence 5, Wits 5
Abilities: Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Brawl 5, Investigation 3, Integrity 4, Presence 2, Fortitude 2, Stealth 3, Survival 3, Occult 5, Empathy 2
Associated Epic: Stamina, Epic Intelligence, Epic Dexterity, Epic Wits
Knacks: Self-Healing, Regeneration, Never Say Die, Untouchable Opponent, And The Crowd Goes Wild, Damage Conversion, Holy Rampage, Come Hither, Meet Me Backstage
Boons: Sky’s Grace, Safely Interred, Fire Immunity, Vigil Brand (special, Huginn knows when Hakon is in danger and knows where he is), Assess Health, Frost Immunity, Eye of the Storm
Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Join Battle: 10
Legend: 5 Legend Points: 25/25
Willpower: 6 (Willpower Points: 6/6)
Virtue: Expression 5, Loyalty 5, Courage 5, Endurance 5
Movement: Move 9 Dash 17 Jump 14 (Horizontal Jump 28)
Nemean Movement: Move 16 Dash 24 Jump 22 (Horizontal Jump 44 (if it even jumps)))
Lift: 2300 lbs. /Nemean Lift: 5000 lbs.

  • Dodge DVs:
    • Dodge DV 1: 10 (12 in special situations))
    • Dodge DV 2 (when Nemean): 14 (16 but only when out in the open)
  • Soak:
    • Draconic Raven’s Soak: 3A/13L/22B
    • Combined Draconic Nemean Raven’s Soak: 7A/30L/48B
  • Attack Stats:
    • Draconic Raven’s Attacks:
      • Bite: AC 12 (+ 2), DMG 10L (+ 1), PDV (Parry DV) —, Speed 5
      • Talon: AC 14 (+ 2), DMG 11L (+ 1), PDV —, Speed 5
      • Shadow Breath: AC 10 (+ 4), Damage 14L, Parry DV -, Speed 5, Range 100
    • Nemean Draconic Raven (Nemean Bonus when going Nemean):
      • Bite: AC 19 (+ 2), DMG 18L (+ 1), PDV -, Speed 5
      • Talon: AC 21 (+ 2), DMG 19L (+ 1), PDV -, Speed 5
      • Shadow Breath: AC 10 (+ 4), Damage 14L, Parry DV -, Speed 5, Range 100

Note: (When turning Nemean (Use 5 legend, 1 willpower, it gains: +4A/8L/8B and its physical attributes double))


Protector – The Creature is made to be the Scion’s guardian. Protectors have a specialized version of Vigil Brand that is attuned to their Scion and always on, such that they always know where their Scion is and if they are in danger. Creatures with the Protector template typically take Epic Stamina as their Associated Epic. They additionally gain an additional 5 bonus points for the purpose of buying Guardian Boons and other powers that render them immune to certain forms of damage (Fire Immunity, Sky’s Grace, etc.).

Familiar – The Creature is associated with witches and sorcery, and thus aid Scions in their mystical endeavors. Familiars have Occult 3 and an additional 10 dots to add to abilities. Familiars are capable of human speech, and are usually highly intelligent. A familiar adds a bonus to their Scion’s use of Magic, Mystery, or Prophecy equal to their dot value. At the Hero level, the familiar’s presence adds their dot value as dice to the roll. At Demigod level, they add autosuccesses equal to their dot value. At God level, they add Epic autosuccesses equal to their dot value (2 dots = 2 successes, 3 dots = 4 successes, 4 dots = 7 successes, 5 dots = 11 successes). A Familiar that reaches Legend 10 may act as a channel for any Magic spells the Scion knows, and in the Familiar’s presence, may reroll any failed Magic, Mystery, or Prophecy roll as though using Legend without risking an additional Fatebinding.

Draconic – Only available when the Scion is a Demigod. All dragons have a hide that grants them Lethal Soak equal to their mundane Stamina and Bashing Soak equal to twice their mundane Stamina, before their Epic Stamina dots are applied. Dragons also possess a breath weapon as detailed in Scion: Demigod, with the specific elemental attack dependent on the type of dragon. Dragons may also take on a human form, while retaining their draconic powers.

Nemean – Only available when the Scion is a Demigod. For the cost of 1 Willpower and 5 Legend points, the Creature instantly assumes a Nemean form. In this form, the Creature’s size doubles, its Physical Attributes double, and it gains a hide with an armor bonus of +4A/8L/8B.

Note: Decided to add this as a separate page so everyone can access it easier….

Shadow Breath:
He can unleash a gout of shadow energy from his mouth at a target. The attack roll is
(Perception + Athletics), adding a number of automatic successes equal to the dragon’s Legend. The impact point
explodes in a wave of entropy 10 yards across, so multiple targets can be struck by the attack if they are bunched
together. The attack inflicts (Legend + 10) dice of lethal damage. Once the dragon has deployed its breath weapon,
it must recharge for 15 ticks before it can be used again. The range of the attack is (Legend x 25) yards.

Boons and Knacks:


Sky’s Grace:
Roll: None
Cost: 1 legend point

The user is safe at falling from any height if he spends a point. The user can also spend a point to double the horizontal or vertical jump distances. This can be used with Holy Bound knack. This knack is useful for mitigating knockbacks that the user suffers from successful attacks. The user must spend a point of legend to stop himself. The attack can and still knock the character back to at least one yard but the character can stop himself at any distance that the user chooses.

Safely Interred:

The character if buried beneath anything will not need to fear the earth’s embrace. The user’s bones or the user’s birthright will not be broken by being hit or buried by collapsing rubble. No amount of rubble on top of the user will make the user suffocate. Once buried, if the user doesn’t have enough strength to free themselves, then they do run the risk of dying from starvation or dehydration.

Fire Immunity: Refer to Fire Immunity on Hakon’s Page

Vigil Brand (special, Huginn knows when Hakon is in danger and knows where he is):
Cost: 1 legend point (to brand)
Roll (Perception + Empathy): 7

Special: Huginn knows when Hakon is in danger and knows where he is.

This boon is done when the user touches a person, object, or an entrance to a location and lays a mystical brand that marks that subject under the user’s protection (costs one legend point to brand target). If the subject is in physical danger, the scion then receives a reflexive intuition to that effect. The player must roll and succeed on a (perception + empathy) roll to gain a clearer understanding of the subject’s condition, location, and current situation. The user can use this boon at any time to check up on a subject but only one subject at a time.

Assess Health:
Cost: None
Roll: None

The user can tell the present medical condition of someone in his presence. This knack allows him to tell how many levels of damage the patient is suffering, any physical addictions that the patient is under, any illnesses or diseases that he is infected with, and plus any genetic defects that afflict him.

Frost Immunity:
Cost: None
Roll: None

The winter’s cold weather has no effect on the one with this. Exposure to ice, frost, chilling winds, freezing water—or other boons of this purview will not damage the user. The user’s possessions still suffer the effects of cold, the user will not need to fear the most extreme cold in the World (or even beyond). The immunity will also extend to the birthright that is used to access the Frost Purview. The user cannot ever slip or lose her balance on bare ice. Water on the surface or something that is slippery can make her lose their balance.

Eye of the Storm:
Cost: 1 legend point per scene
Roll: None

The user, if found in a chaotic situation unrelated to them, then the user can activate this boon and become an island of calm in the tumult. This makes it so that the user is entirely untouched in the confusion but normal environmental movement penalties still apply. All environmental dangers fail to touch the user.


Cost: 1 point of legend
Roll: None

The user can heal up damage (a single level of damage at a time) by spending a point of legend. It doesn’t matter if it is bashing or lethal and the healing takes place instantly without leaving a scar. Aggravated damage cannot be healed by self-healing. It is a good reputation booster and legends spreader.

Cost: 1 legend point
Roll: None

Allows the user to heal one level of aggravated damage. The user can perform miraculous feats such as regenerating a destroyed limb, extremity or eye. Both parts of this power cost one legend point to use.

Never Say Die:

Untouchable Opponent:
Cost: 1 legend point per scene
Roll: None

The user receives double the benefit from the user’s epic dexterity dots that add to her Dodge DV. The user can ignore an amount of DV penalties due to unstable terrain equal to the user’s epic dexterity dots. Doesn’t affect parry DV. The user must be out in the open to activate this knack.

And The Crowd Goes Wild:
Cost: ???
Roll: None
This makes any dice gained from athletics in any dice pool that includes athletics are automatically considered as automatic successes. The scion is superbly suited to athletic pursuits. Doesn’t affect boon rolls that use athletics as a part of the dice pool.

Damage Conversion:
Cost: 1 legend point
Roll: None

The user can convert all lethal damage from one attack to bashing by spending a point of legend. It doesn’t work on damage that is there after the post-attack has been done. Cannot do anything about aggravated damage.

Holy Rampage:
Cost: 1 legend point
Roll: None

Good at breaking inanimate objects. The object’s hardness is halved against the attack. Bonus applied only when the object is under the user’s control or is in no one’s hands. If it is in the hands of someone else then the user must knock the item away first.

Come Hither:

Meet Me Backstage:

Huginn (no not Odin’s Huginn)’s History and Description:

Huginn, Hakon’s birthright creature, didn’t start out as some mundane creature as he was one of the offspring of Huginn and some other being.

The actual parentage of this raven is a bit more than unusual. The male raven was indeed Huginn (of the same name of this raven) and a female raven (that was most likely Loki, doing all the “Screwing with the minds” things that he does…) and so need GM approval of this…. It would make Huginn, a half-brother of Hakon.

He was the runt of the litter and was pretty sickly until he grew fast and abnormally after two months of his life has past. It became the biggest of the ravens born. It flew off after that and was apparently blessed by Loki. Loki had this raven watch Hakon for all of his life. There have been attempts on Hakon’s life. He made it the guardian of Hakon and when Hakon proved his worth, the raven started listening to him more. It stayed closer by to him.

It wasn’t until the latest goal where Hakon survived in the wild and could defend himself that it started following him everywhere. It’s an agent of Loki and has adventures of its own and has been described by mortals as “The Blackfeathered Monster.” Its loyalty is only to Loki and those associated with him.

It has been taken care of by Hakon in recent years and so it has become even more loyal to him but it keeps its main loyalty to Loki (meaning that he would stab Hakon in the back if he goes against Loki’s wishes). All tales about this bird are centered around Europe but they have spread to other places. His eating habits include eating eyeballs and brain matter. Huginn also seems to enjoy eating those that attack Hakon. Since his change into a draconic raven, he has become attached to the ring that Loki gave to Hakon. It allows itself to be summoned to Hakon’s side.

General Information on Huginn (aka Hakon’s birthright raven):

It seems to always have a blood-stained beak whenever it appeared. Corpses have popped up with no eyes in them. It has a sheen to its feather that makes it look majestic as a raven could be. Whenever it is used by Loki, its eyes have an inner fire to them and its eyes seems to change a little and has a tiny symbol (related to Loki) within its eyes to reflect that it was being controlled. This raven is very stunning and something that one wants to take a look at. It has scales underneath its feathers and is bigger than before. It can grow far bigger with its ability causing it to be something of legendary proportions. It has taken a liking for flesh and is or will find prey to eat and digest. As long as it is living, Huginn doesn’t care what he eats. It also can talk (mostly using this to be spiteful to everyone but Hakon and Loki) and take human form. It is a channel through which Hakon can use his spells. It knows a few languages within its repertoire though generally will be sarcastic to others.

Nemean: Becomes a much bigger version than what he is now…

Human: Huginn looks almost exactly like how Hakon (like if he was Hakon’s twin) looks now except for a few differences if ones looks for the differences. He seems to be very handsome (beautiful) to those around him. The eyes look almost completely human and they have the same color as Hakon’s except that they are much sharper in contrast. He looks very pale in color and also seem to don a black cloak around his form, hiding much underneath the shadows, and also looking gaunt in appearance.


Huginn is impressed by Hakon and his current state. He is mostly loyal to Hakon but not to anyone who tags along with him. Anyone who is in front of him will have to “watch out” when it uses its breath attack because it will use it if it can at the cost of injuring a companion or two while eliminating the enemy.

This raven is entirely loyal to Loki (there are various reasons for this, one of which is entirely unknown). It won’t attack Loki at all, and if Hakon betrays Loki then it will attack Hakon.

Everyone Else:
If they try to hurt Hakon then they’re going to die.


Huginn understands the English language quite clearly but won’t ever speak it, even when ordered to do so. It can read quite well but focuses on occult text and so the languages that it knows are based around that. It knows Greek.


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